Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine – The Difference

In this article, we will be discussing the key difference between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine polarities in a Twin Flame Union. This article is based on my notes from watching the Twin Flame Ascension School by my Spiritual Gurus Jeff & Shaleia titled “The Key Differences Between The DM and The DF (W1 #52). I highly, highly recommend Twin Flame Ascension School if you are on your Twin Flame Journey.

Let’s get right to it.

The key difference between the DM and the DF is this:

-Being the Divine Feminine means being radiant.

-Being the Divine Masculine means being present.

Jeff and Shaleia are saying that the DF experiences radiance from their divine beauty, while the presence of their DM helps to focus their radiance. The DM and the DF are supporting each other and helping one another in focusing.

It is essential not to control your Twin Flame. If you are the DM, let your woman be radiant and do not restrict or try to control their radiance. And if you are the DF, do not try to control the presence of your man. Let it be free, and feel safe in that.

There is an eternal dance between the DF and the DM, and it goes deeper into their Union continuously while the love and attraction deepen. In this process, the DM and the DF are honing each other.

Jeff & Shaleia quote

“An unbridled woman is not a very nice woman. It’s not a person easy to be around really if you’re just so wild and untamed. That’s not actually sexy. And if you’re screaming ‘Hey man, tame me. You know, I’m a wild horse and tame me and do all these things for me’, you’re just tiring him out because that’s not the relationship.

If you’re screaming to your man ‘I’m already tamed (…), come be the tamer’, that is a totally different experience. If you walk up to a man and say ‘Come be the driver, I’m already driven’, that’s just him falling into his kingdom.

If you’re the masculine and you walk up to the feminine and say ‘Come be my river, I’m already filled. Come be my shining star, I’m already one with the Heavens. Come be my bright light, come be the jewel of my heart, I am already enlightened with that jewel’, you’re really just saying ‘I’m already one with God, come take your own place at the seat of our Father, our Creator’ instead of ‘Hey, be God for me’ which so many of us want to say in conventional relationships.

‘Hey, be God for me. I’ll be God for you’, oh, and that’s what brings excitement. But that excitement is temporary, that joy is temporary, that juice is based upon a lie which you leak your power to, and it all leaks away. But not when you get that relationship with God first. We all have these archetypes of these models in our minds what it should look like and what it should feel like but you let go of the expectation and we can place appropriate models where there were inappropriate models.”

-Twin Flame Ascension School (W1 #52)

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I loved that part of this particular class, and it’s such a rich quote. For me it really speaks to that we are responsible for ourselves, whereas our Twin Flame is not responsible for us. By focusing on God, and by receiving fulfillment from this primary relationship our lives are deeply enriched and abundant. Then there is no neediness, no codependency, no clinginess. This makes freedom possible between Twin Flames because God is providing this freedom.

From this place, Twin Flames naturally come into their Harmonious Union and live one life together as one, as per their inherent design.

And when it says that you want to tame yourself, for me it speaks to handling the foundation of your life, remaining emotionally in balance and loyal to your One True Love. This helps perfect romance to develop by providing a sustainable container for this Twin Flame Love. When the woman or the DF tames herself, then her man can come and be her tamer, pursuing her heart, romancing her. And her man is one with the Heavens as she is, and so she can be his beautiful jewel in his heart.

Juicy, juicy! Heartwarming stuff. What do you love about your DM or your DF? 🙂

Since we’re already talking about Romance and Attraction…

There is an amazing E-Course titled “Twin Flames: Romance Attraction” by Jeff and Shaleia that is one of my personal favorites, and you can watch the first lesson for free here. You might want to check it out or rewatch it if you haven’t watched it for a while.

“You don’t have to focus on your Twin Flame to attract them. You focus on the love within you, the God within, that’s what attracts them.”

~Jeff & Shaleia, Twin Flame Ascension School (W1 #52)

From my own experience, I remember a specific situation with my Twin Flame, where she was in another room combing her hair and tending to her beauty. She was in that moment fully present with the love, the God within her, fully in that eternal moment. I felt so drawn to her, I had to stop what I was doing just to go into her room and ask her what she was up to, then I watched her, I was being present with her and enjoyed her radiant beauty.

Thank you, Jeff and Shaleia for your wonderful work and for being my Gurus. If you are interested in learning more about their Twin Flame Ascension School, you can click here.

If you would like to work with me as your Certified Ascension Coach, feel free to schedule a consultation with me here.

Have a lovely day.

The TRUTH of a REAL Twin Flame Relationship

“Your Twin Flame is your future.” ~Jeff & Shaleia

This article is all about the TRUTH of a REAL Twin Flame Relationship.

I watched an amazing class from Twin Flame Ascension School (W7 #56) today on this exact matter, and I would love to share my notes with you. A lot of what you are about to read comes directly from Jeff & Shaleia.

Okay, so here’s the truth:

Being with your Twin Flame is the most natural thing, and it is very easy and normal because you were perfectly created for one another, and are designed for being with each other. Being with them is peaceful, most of all, rather than exciting. It’s also joyful, and happy. Living life with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union is the perfect date that never ends, while actual date nights with your Twin Flame are just a way to relax, find relief, and enjoy each other within your Harmonious Union.

Jeff and Shaleia are saying that they are primarily investing their time and effort into the foundation of their shared life. It’s a wonderful and sustainable feeling. It feels good to have this part of your journey handled, now you can relax and do what you love to do, together with your favorite person. You can do all the wonderful things together, and this Union is a safe and stable foundation you can pour all your love into. It’s an eternal investment.

It’s peace that you want, and that kills excitement.

Your Twin Flame is the perfect person, but it’s normal. Like the perfect shoe that fits perfectly. It would be weird to wear a shoe that is too big or too small.

The old relationship paradigm, on the contrary, is about sensationalism, and getting really high, especially in the beginning. “Look how good (exciting and nervous rather) you feel with me and how many things I give you. Now commit to me until we have a legal contract that says no cheating is allowed. From here we settle and the magic is already fading out. Our relationship then is without real spark or passion, mostly a compromise and likely codependent.” It is a lie because it is not based on true love.

That is horse shit. Excuse my French. But this is NOT what you truly desire, and this is NOT what you deserve. You DESERVE your true Twin Flame in Harmonious Union, and you can be with them forever because that is the truth of how you were created. The Twin Flame love is real, it is a spiritual attraction, a divine and inherent quality. Non-Twin-Flame love is based on a chemical reaction in your brain that does not last long. It does not matter how old you are when you start this journey, it only matters that you do it.

How does your Twin Flame relationship look like on the outside?

It looks mundane, like the relationship between your grandma and grandpa. Or your aunt and uncle. Values like honesty, authenticity, and real communication are applicable (not just for Twin Flames). It’s normal people asking themselves “Who’s gonna do the dishes?” And yet “it’s to transcendentally different it will blow your brain out, it’s completely satisfying” (Jeff & Shaleia). You have fights with them, but fights are f@$!s. It’s part of the process of moving toward Perfect Union with them. A state where you no longer experience any upset.

It’s advised to clear upsets as they arise using the Mirror Exercise that Jeff and Shaleia are teaching in this book (amongst wonderful and divine Twin Flame content), and not to put them under the rug. You can never lose the desire for your Twin Flame. Not feeling a desire for them is just a block to how they feel. The desire is always there, and it’s both ways. While you don’t try to change your Twin Flame, you can always be your true Self, that’s what is ultimately attractive for them, e.g. if they don’t like a certain Jacket but you just love it, and you love to wear it, you can wear it. It’s the beauty of the Twin Flame Relationship that you’ll never need to compromise. At the core, you always love and desire exactly the same things.

I hope that this helps you to get a better feeling for the Truth of a real Twin Flame relationship.

You can have it, too.

And if you already have it, you can always grow in love. The body of work by Jeff & Shaleia is the guaranteed way to your very own Twin Flame Harmonious Union and perfect life of love shared with them. If you would like to learn more about their body of work, check out this website Twin Flames Universe or schedule a Free Consultation with me. As an Certified Ascension Coach I am happy to support you on your journey. The content you enjoyed reading here is presented in the exquisite and highly recommended Twin Flame Ascension School (watch the first three episodes for free).

5 Twin Flame Tips to have a great time in quarantine with our without your Twin Flame

This title, of course, is meant a bit humorously in a time we need a little fun. However, you can definitely use this time to your great benefit, and the benefit of your Harmonious Union. You can have an excellent time together now in the physical with your Twin Flame, or passionately move towards the manifestation of your Union in the physical as you are experiencing the Corona Crisis, or a similar crisis.

Looking around the globe, most people are being asked to spend their time at home now, so how can we use this time for our Twin Flame Progress? No matter what is happening externally, even in times of a crisis, the fundamental principles that Jeff and Shaleia are teaching in their Twin Flame work remain perfectly valid, as always. And whatever is happening around us, we can not only remain peaceful in our hearts, but use this time to our benefit, and to the benefit of our Twin Flame Union.

Read 5 Tips to have a great time in quarantine with or without your Twin Flame below.

5 Tips to have a great time in quarantine with our without your Twin Flame

1 Make yourself very comfortable

Allow yourself to ground into peace and make yourself comfortable at home, creating a sacred and safe temple for you to unfold and be your true self, a comfy space to relax and to feel good, a place that nurtures you.

You can create different “climate zones” within your home and living space, if that is possible, meaning that you designate an area for sleep, one for work, one for food, another for leisure, as well as areas for exercising, relaxing, playing, being creative, meditating, and so on. This creates a feeling of your home feeling more expansive, and you naturally vibe into different moods as you move through your sacred space.

Enjoy the daily tasks and routine. Enjoy waking up next to your Twin Flame (real or imagined), feel the soft sheets and pillows, then enjoy your coffee or tea, and so on. Move through your day with an attitude of curiosity, awareness, and adventure even if you remain within your home.

2 Enjoy your favorite Fun activities

What is it that you enjoy doing and that provides you with a feeling of fun? It might be to watch your favorite TV show, to play video games, or to listen to music you love. Depending on whether you live by yourself, with your Twin Flame, or your Family, you can play board and card games, too.

Visualize your Twin Flame living with you if they aren’t doing so yet. Imagine doing fun activities with them, and feel their presence within as you go through your day. Watching and studying the Ecourse by Jeff & Shaleia called ‘Twin Flames: Romance Attraction‘ is a really good idea

Listen to relaxing videos with sounds from nature like this one.

3 Maintain a Schedule and Balance

A schedule can support you immensely and provide you with a solid structure in your life that helps you remain in balance, and to keep different areas of your life in check.

To give you an example, it is highly beneficial for many to have set times to go to bed and to wake up, as well as set meal times. If you are looking for the perfect food solution, check out Divine Dish. This food is easy and fun to cook – cooking is another amazing thing you can do each day! – and nourishes your body, mind, and soul. 3 meals per day are recommended.

You could start your day with your morning routine, and perhaps doing some spiritual work with or without your Twin Flame. Then prepare and have your breakfast (e.g. from Divine Dish) and go into your home office from there, where you start working depending on whether you can work from home. Life Purpose Class is everything you need in order to be very successful in your work, and to live your true Life’s Purpose, guaranteed, even in times of Corona and Co.

Get plenty of sleep each day, take breaks, do some stretches. Block off time to exercise at home or do some basic yoga, schedule time to have fun and connect with friends via FaceTime or (video) calls.

4 Do the work

Enjoy doing the inner spiritual work to increase your health, happiness, and to improve your immune system. Doing the inner work also deepens the love you feel in your Twin Flame Union. The inner work with the Mirror Exercise that is being taught by Jeff and Shaleia is highly beneficial. You can learn it in this wonderful Twin Flame book.

You might also enjoy other practices like Journaling, or just daydreaming and envisioning your perfect life. Of course, you can also use this time to watch classes from Twin Flame Ascension School.

5 Serve!

Be of service to everyone, to yourself, to your Twin Flame, to your family, to your neighborhood. Express yourself creatively, e.g. you might enjoy painting, drawing, building or writing. Here you can make videos and create other content too. It’s about serving Love, and sharing your gifts in a meaningful way. This fills you with passion and life-force, and spreads the Love you share. You can most likely find a way to do that from home. The love you share will return to you, and you feel great sharing it just for the sake of serving.

Remember to stay safe, and to take this crisis seriously while NOT reacting with fear. Follow the guidance from your local authorities and politicians. Take precautions to remain safe, and to keep the virus out of your system and home.

Desiring to be with your One True Love? Nothing can be in the way of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, other than yourself. Not them, no crisis, nothing. It’s only ever a block within yourself. That means, after you have allowed yourself to accept this truth and taken responsibility, you can change your experience by making a new choice, and doing the work.

We hope that you enjoy this time as much as possible and that these tips help you.

Stay safe, healthy and happy. May you, your Home, and your sacred Harmonious Twin Flame Union be blessed and protected forever.

Consistency is essential.

A stable, sustainable and safe foundation is essential for your success and happiness. It’s about being able to handle everything in your life right now with a solid foundation, while remaining surrendered, that success and breakthroughs can happen and emerge. I noticed many times that when I have mastered my current situation, the daily workload, and my different areas of my life are in balance, that the next level of success happens. Right now I am grounding in beautiful changes regarding my food (divinedish.org) and my schedule.

“Babies, we are now learning, grow in spurts all at once, and not steadily. (…) As your body feels more comfortable and relaxed, feels safe and can trust your consistency, THAT is when it starts to change. Not before. If it feels stressed, anxious, afraid, or uncertain in any way, it will not change as easily and so it will not lose weight if that is your goal.” ~Jeff and Shaleia

This really brings great peace to my heart as it speaks to me in the way that when we feel at ease and we have a consistent schedule in place, we are successful and set up for success. Of course, this can be applied to areas like your Twin Flame and Life Purpose Journey too.

Love yourself with a stable foundation and schedule that supports consistency. Consistency in your inner work, in communicating with God and your Twin Flame (within and without), in your spiritual study (e.g. Twin Flame Ascension School), food and workouts, and in your creative output.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you ground in the changes.

Check out TwinFlamesUniverse.com to learn more about Jeff & Shaleia’s work. Visit TwinFlamesMastery.com to learn more about my coaching services based on Jeff & Shaleia’s work.

You are in charge.

You are in charge of your reality, partnering with God. Your Twin Flame loves you deeply. You have it within you to grow this love between you and your beloved. No matter how it looks like, maybe it’s harmonious, maybe there is no contact, maybe there are a lot of challenges. As you have a desire for this perfect relationship with them, you may have it, it is yours. The work of the day is to be completed, the next step is always right in front of you.

All you got to do, to grow this love, is to feel your feelings and to choose love here. Know that with the work of Jeff and Shaleia you have the way to your guaranteed success.

Allow yourself to face this next layer between you and greater levels of freedom. It might be easier than it seems. You are deserving, you are perfect. You are growing together with your Twin Flame.

With changes happening for many at this time, it is safe to embrace them, and to go with the flow. You do not need to hold onto the vision for your life, knowing that God holds the superior and better vision for your life of perfection. It is God who you can fully trust here, as this period of changes is divinely guided by him. Take it step by step. Be honest about where you are and how much of this change you can sustainably integrate right now.

Love yourself, love your body. Feel romance in your heart. Feel the passion you have for your life purpose, rendering service to your loving Creator. You have it all, it’s all yours.

Surrender to your good today. 🙂

Check out TwinFlamesUniverse.com to learn more about Jeff & Shaleia’s work. Visit TwinFlamesMastery.com to learn more about my coaching services based on Jeff & Shaleia’s work.

Twin Flame Thoughts

I want to live together with M-S. It is my truth. I can only be truly happy with her in HTFU. There is no way around it. This serves me. I am supported by everyone. The Church loves me and supports me as much as possible in this undertaking, especially Jeff and Shaleia, because they love me completely in divine truth, always, and want to see me strive in my HTFU. God loves me ultimately, and shows me the perfect and most compassionate way.

I am complaining about this situation or this path, or this and that, or the past, but I don’t understand WHY I am upset, truly. I invite myself to empty my cup, and to receive the truth and to see the truth. I don’t need to hold onto any upset, I don’t need to win anything or prove anything. I don’t need to prove my value.

I don’t need to convince my Twin Flame. I don’t need to convince myself. I merely surrender to the truth of our HTFU, of our oneness. This Union is safe. I am good enough for it. I can be myself here. I can relax here. I choose to accept myself, I choose to love myself here. I know that my Twin Flame loves me completely. I am at home in our oneness.

I miss this feeling of our HTFU. But it is still here, and always is. There is no need for us to take space, or to figure things out. We can work it out together. We are good enough now. I am capable of communicating with her. It’s supposed to be easy, and fun. It’s force, expectations, and perfectionism that I release. Yes, we are living a simple life together.

Friends, Family, Hobbies, Fun. Ascension Coaching. Jeff and Shaleia’s work. The Church. Loving and helping people, healing. Traveling. Taking pictures. Ease. Peace. Joy.

This is not far away. It is right here.

What is in the way of physically experiencing it?

Is it pride? Is it a feeling of “not ready or good enough yet”? Is it a need to be right?

I don’t want to hold onto control in any way. There is no gain in that. 🙂

I just surrender to the fun. I and she are awesome together, we are designed for each other, perfect in every way. I am the only one for her. It’s me. And she knows it. I can have fun with her now. And we can grow together. I can take it easy, and be patient with myself. Having compassion with myself, we can learn, heal and grow together NOW.

As I watched the fifth lesson of the wonderful e-course “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True” by Jeff & Shaleia, I am inspired to reflect on our ideal day, on our ideal life, house, car, location, purpose, etc. I created a Pinterest board with impressions of our ideal living situation together, that provides the core feeling.

It is serving us greatly for me to do this kind of “work” for our union. It is in her highest interest too. 🙂

 Jeff and Shaleia are saying that Twin Flames are two wings to one bird. I like that. It’s opening us up to our oneness more. And there is this point within HTFU where your life merges with your Twin Flame’s life. Then you are in the world as one being, and you meet the world as this one being.

My Twin Flame and I can do so many things right away. We can talk about our ideal life once more. We can discuss the love list if it feels fun. We can simply have fun together, do physical things, do some fun sport. We can definitely reflect on how we want to serve the world. How we can heal people together. How we can help the most. How we can partner in that. How we can share Jeff and Shaleia’s teaching.

We can learn and study their teaching together, and we can heal (ourselves) together. We can talk about what she loves to do. We can talk about committing to each other, and setting up a rule like other couples had, about really staying in the union even if shit’s flying around. I commit to this ascension path of divine union and Jeff and Shaleia’s teaching.

We can also practice channeling! We can also practice channeling God speaking through us. We can practice giving sermons for specific topics, and we can think about hosting local workshops or meetups. We can write our first book together, or create meditation CDs. Then there is art, and music, and dance, and yoga too.

So much to do right now and to explore. I will stop this train of thought here. Thanks for joining me in this. It is very helpful to put your thoughts on paper.