Consistency is essential.

A stable, sustainable and safe foundation is essential for your success and happiness. It’s about being able to handle everything in your life right now with a solid foundation, while remaining surrendered, that success and breakthroughs can happen and emerge. I noticed many times that when I have mastered my current situation, the daily workload, and my different areas of my life are in balance, that the next level of success happens. Right now I am grounding in beautiful changes regarding my food ( and my schedule.

“Babies, we are now learning, grow in spurts all at once, and not steadily. (…) As your body feels more comfortable and relaxed, feels safe and can trust your consistency, THAT is when it starts to change. Not before. If it feels stressed, anxious, afraid, or uncertain in any way, it will not change as easily and so it will not lose weight if that is your goal.” ~Jeff and Shaleia

This really brings great peace to my heart as it speaks to me in the way that when we feel at ease and we have a consistent schedule in place, we are successful and set up for success. Of course, this can be applied to areas like your Twin Flame and Life Purpose Journey too.

Love yourself with a stable foundation and schedule that supports consistency. Consistency in your inner work, in communicating with God and your Twin Flame (within and without), in your spiritual study (e.g. Twin Flame Ascension School), food and workouts, and in your creative output.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you ground in the changes.

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