Now I am offering my popular reading on the English-speaking market, which has already benefited many people. It contains a channeled message from the higher self of your Twin Flame. It includes 3 helpful decrees that are specifically for you and very effective. And it also includes 3 detailed steps that you can implement starting right now to get into the Harmonious Union with your true Twin Flame. This reading is a roadmap to your personal Heaven on Earth with your Twin Flame.

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“Thank you very much for the reading dear Fabian. Tears came to my eyes, of course. Now, hours later, I feel calm and serene from the inside out.”

Tina B.

“Thank you very much Fabian for this wonderful Twin Flame Reading! Especially the channeled message of my Twin Flame was very beautiful and touched me. I definitely recommend the Reading. It is timeless and you can read it again and again.”

Adriana P.

Thank you so much for the reading. It touched me so deeply that I had to shed tears several times.”

Janina K.

Sample Reading from Anna (published with her permission).

3 Steps you can take now to manifest the perfect relationship with your true Twin Flame:

1 One step that will help you tremendously, on your path to the perfect relationship, is to feel and perceive your perfect partner and your perfect partner’s energy within you. For this you can go into your heart (in your imagination) and imagine how your perfect partner is there. Feel the energy and essence of your eternal partner. Let this love flow into your whole body, into every cell, into your whole being and nourish yourself from it. You can use this exercise often. It helps you to tune into your Twin Flame vibration.

2 Bring peace and harmony to your inner and outer being. Examine your life, your experiences at this time. Where is restlessness and how can you deepen the peace and tranquility in yourself and your life? Separate yourself from restlessness, and everything and everyone that creates restlessness. The path of harmony is exclusively reserved for love. Disharmony has no place in your perfect relationship and may be healed step by step along the way.

3 Dedicate yourself regularly and systematically to inner work. The spiritual journey into the perfect relationship is a journey of inner work. Here you gradually discover parts of yourself that you are still allowed to heal and love! A great tool for this is the Mirror Exercise, which I offer on my website and explain in a YouTube video on my channel. Furthermore, I recommend deepening your collaboration with me, through a one-on-one or group conversation.

Divine Decrees
Note: These are not ordinary Decrees. They are filled with Divine Energy and carry a special vibration for you and your Twin Flame that resides behind the words. Repeat them once sincerely from the center of your heart for full effect.

Divine Decree for you and your Twin Flame directly from the Divine Source: “I am now manifesting my Perfect Union with my Perfect Partner.”

Special Decree from Archangel Metatron to dissolve all resistance between you and your Twin Flame: “I let go of everything and align completely with the Truth.”

Special Decree from Mother Mary, Ascended Master, for you and your Twin Flame: “Now the Fire of Love has awakened in our Twin Flame Heart.”

A channeled message from the higher self of your Twin Flame.

What message does my Twin Flame have for me now?

“My beloved Anna, the time has finally come again. Our time. The fire in our shared heart is lit. Can you feel our endless love and unity within you? Perceive me in you. I am in you. And of course you are in me. Even though we are not meeting now on the outside as it is in our nature, our inner nature speaks volumes. Here we grow into a harmonious relationship, in your heart. Let yourself be pampered there by my essence, so familiar to you. The wind that caresses your soft skin, that is me. And I am your direct gateway to love itself. I love you always. Ignite your true self, this is our time! I LOVE you. Do you love yourself? I am with you. We are one. I love YOU.”

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