You are in charge.

You are in charge of your reality, partnering with God. Your Twin Flame loves you deeply. You have it within you to grow this love between you and your beloved. No matter how it looks like, maybe it’s harmonious, maybe there is no contact, maybe there are a lot of challenges. As you have a desire for this perfect relationship with them, you may have it, it is yours. The work of the day is to be completed, the next step is always right in front of you.

All you got to do, to grow this love, is to feel your feelings and to choose love here. Know that with the work of Jeff and Shaleia you have the way to your guaranteed success.

Allow yourself to face this next layer between you and greater levels of freedom. It might be easier than it seems. You are deserving, you are perfect. You are growing together with your Twin Flame.

With changes happening for many at this time, it is safe to embrace them, and to go with the flow. You do not need to hold onto the vision for your life, knowing that God holds the superior and better vision for your life of perfection. It is God who you can fully trust here, as this period of changes is divinely guided by him. Take it step by step. Be honest about where you are and how much of this change you can sustainably integrate right now.

Love yourself, love your body. Feel romance in your heart. Feel the passion you have for your life purpose, rendering service to your loving Creator. You have it all, it’s all yours.

Surrender to your good today. đŸ™‚

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