Coaching and Healing Sessions (on Skype, Zoom or Messenger)

If you want to reach Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame & Ultimate Lover
…these coaching sessions are meant for you!

Since you are a perfect child of God the fulfillment of your desires is your natural state and birthright. Fabian assists you in reclaiming the life of your highest potential and dreams together with your Twin Flame.

One Session $ 120,-
3 Sessions $ 299,-
10 Sessions $ 899,-

All sales are final.

“Fabian is the real deal. The whole package. You will have a very hard time finding someone as smart, sensitive, and with such a clear and true connection to God and the Truth as Fabian. He will guide you towards your True Self and your Heaven on Earth in a very gentle, yet determined and professional way. I can highly recommend Fabian and all of his products.”


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