Twin Flame Thoughts

I want to live together with M-S. It is my truth. I can only be truly happy with her in HTFU. There is no way around it. This serves me. I am supported by everyone. The Church loves me and supports me as much as possible in this undertaking, especially Jeff and Shaleia, because they love me completely in divine truth, always, and want to see me strive in my HTFU. God loves me ultimately, and shows me the perfect and most compassionate way.

I am complaining about this situation or this path, or this and that, or the past, but I don’t understand WHY I am upset, truly. I invite myself to empty my cup, and to receive the truth and to see the truth. I don’t need to hold onto any upset, I don’t need to win anything or prove anything. I don’t need to prove my value.

I don’t need to convince my Twin Flame. I don’t need to convince myself. I merely surrender to the truth of our HTFU, of our oneness. This Union is safe. I am good enough for it. I can be myself here. I can relax here. I choose to accept myself, I choose to love myself here. I know that my Twin Flame loves me completely. I am at home in our oneness.

I miss this feeling of our HTFU. But it is still here, and always is. There is no need for us to take space, or to figure things out. We can work it out together. We are good enough now. I am capable of communicating with her. It’s supposed to be easy, and fun. It’s force, expectations, and perfectionism that I release. Yes, we are living a simple life together.

Friends, Family, Hobbies, Fun. Ascension Coaching. Jeff and Shaleia’s work. The Church. Loving and helping people, healing. Traveling. Taking pictures. Ease. Peace. Joy.

This is not far away. It is right here.

What is in the way of physically experiencing it?

Is it pride? Is it a feeling of “not ready or good enough yet”? Is it a need to be right?

I don’t want to hold onto control in any way. There is no gain in that. 🙂

I just surrender to the fun. I and she are awesome together, we are designed for each other, perfect in every way. I am the only one for her. It’s me. And she knows it. I can have fun with her now. And we can grow together. I can take it easy, and be patient with myself. Having compassion with myself, we can learn, heal and grow together NOW.

As I watched the fifth lesson of the wonderful e-course “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True” by Jeff & Shaleia, I am inspired to reflect on our ideal day, on our ideal life, house, car, location, purpose, etc. I created a Pinterest board with impressions of our ideal living situation together, that provides the core feeling.

It is serving us greatly for me to do this kind of “work” for our union. It is in her highest interest too. 🙂

 Jeff and Shaleia are saying that Twin Flames are two wings to one bird. I like that. It’s opening us up to our oneness more. And there is this point within HTFU where your life merges with your Twin Flame’s life. Then you are in the world as one being, and you meet the world as this one being.

My Twin Flame and I can do so many things right away. We can talk about our ideal life once more. We can discuss the love list if it feels fun. We can simply have fun together, do physical things, do some fun sport. We can definitely reflect on how we want to serve the world. How we can heal people together. How we can help the most. How we can partner in that. How we can share Jeff and Shaleia’s teaching.

We can learn and study their teaching together, and we can heal (ourselves) together. We can talk about what she loves to do. We can talk about committing to each other, and setting up a rule like other couples had, about really staying in the union even if shit’s flying around. I commit to this ascension path of divine union and Jeff and Shaleia’s teaching.

We can also practice channeling! We can also practice channeling God speaking through us. We can practice giving sermons for specific topics, and we can think about hosting local workshops or meetups. We can write our first book together, or create meditation CDs. Then there is art, and music, and dance, and yoga too.

So much to do right now and to explore. I will stop this train of thought here. Thanks for joining me in this. It is very helpful to put your thoughts on paper.

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