5 Twin Flame Tips to have a great time in quarantine with our without your Twin Flame

This title, of course, is meant a bit humorously in a time we need a little fun. However, you can definitely use this time to your great benefit, and the benefit of your Harmonious Union. You can have an excellent time together now in the physical with your Twin Flame, or passionately move towards the manifestation of your Union in the physical as you are experiencing the Corona Crisis, or a similar crisis.

Looking around the globe, most people are being asked to spend their time at home now, so how can we use this time for our Twin Flame Progress? No matter what is happening externally, even in times of a crisis, the fundamental principles that Jeff and Shaleia are teaching in their Twin Flame work remain perfectly valid, as always. And whatever is happening around us, we can not only remain peaceful in our hearts, but use this time to our benefit, and to the benefit of our Twin Flame Union.

Read 5 Tips to have a great time in quarantine with or without your Twin Flame below.

5 Tips to have a great time in quarantine with our without your Twin Flame

1 Make yourself very comfortable

Allow yourself to ground into peace and make yourself comfortable at home, creating a sacred and safe temple for you to unfold and be your true self, a comfy space to relax and to feel good, a place that nurtures you.

You can create different “climate zones” within your home and living space, if that is possible, meaning that you designate an area for sleep, one for work, one for food, another for leisure, as well as areas for exercising, relaxing, playing, being creative, meditating, and so on. This creates a feeling of your home feeling more expansive, and you naturally vibe into different moods as you move through your sacred space.

Enjoy the daily tasks and routine. Enjoy waking up next to your Twin Flame (real or imagined), feel the soft sheets and pillows, then enjoy your coffee or tea, and so on. Move through your day with an attitude of curiosity, awareness, and adventure even if you remain within your home.

2 Enjoy your favorite Fun activities

What is it that you enjoy doing and that provides you with a feeling of fun? It might be to watch your favorite TV show, to play video games, or to listen to music you love. Depending on whether you live by yourself, with your Twin Flame, or your Family, you can play board and card games, too.

Visualize your Twin Flame living with you if they aren’t doing so yet. Imagine doing fun activities with them, and feel their presence within as you go through your day. Watching and studying the Ecourse by Jeff & Shaleia called ‘Twin Flames: Romance Attraction‘ is a really good idea

Listen to relaxing videos with sounds from nature like this one.

3 Maintain a Schedule and Balance

A schedule can support you immensely and provide you with a solid structure in your life that helps you remain in balance, and to keep different areas of your life in check.

To give you an example, it is highly beneficial for many to have set times to go to bed and to wake up, as well as set meal times. If you are looking for the perfect food solution, check out Divine Dish. This food is easy and fun to cook – cooking is another amazing thing you can do each day! – and nourishes your body, mind, and soul. 3 meals per day are recommended.

You could start your day with your morning routine, and perhaps doing some spiritual work with or without your Twin Flame. Then prepare and have your breakfast (e.g. from Divine Dish) and go into your home office from there, where you start working depending on whether you can work from home. Life Purpose Class is everything you need in order to be very successful in your work, and to live your true Life’s Purpose, guaranteed, even in times of Corona and Co.

Get plenty of sleep each day, take breaks, do some stretches. Block off time to exercise at home or do some basic yoga, schedule time to have fun and connect with friends via FaceTime or (video) calls.

4 Do the work

Enjoy doing the inner spiritual work to increase your health, happiness, and to improve your immune system. Doing the inner work also deepens the love you feel in your Twin Flame Union. The inner work with the Mirror Exercise that is being taught by Jeff and Shaleia is highly beneficial. You can learn it in this wonderful Twin Flame book.

You might also enjoy other practices like Journaling, or just daydreaming and envisioning your perfect life. Of course, you can also use this time to watch classes from Twin Flame Ascension School.

5 Serve!

Be of service to everyone, to yourself, to your Twin Flame, to your family, to your neighborhood. Express yourself creatively, e.g. you might enjoy painting, drawing, building or writing. Here you can make videos and create other content too. It’s about serving Love, and sharing your gifts in a meaningful way. This fills you with passion and life-force, and spreads the Love you share. You can most likely find a way to do that from home. The love you share will return to you, and you feel great sharing it just for the sake of serving.

Remember to stay safe, and to take this crisis seriously while NOT reacting with fear. Follow the guidance from your local authorities and politicians. Take precautions to remain safe, and to keep the virus out of your system and home.

Desiring to be with your One True Love? Nothing can be in the way of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, other than yourself. Not them, no crisis, nothing. It’s only ever a block within yourself. That means, after you have allowed yourself to accept this truth and taken responsibility, you can change your experience by making a new choice, and doing the work.

We hope that you enjoy this time as much as possible and that these tips help you.

Stay safe, healthy and happy. May you, your Home, and your sacred Harmonious Twin Flame Union be blessed and protected forever.

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