“Stunning mastery in a spiritual teacher. Time tells all stories and reveals all Truth. There can be no other, Fabian is legend.”
~Jeff and Shaleia from TwinFlamesUniverse.com

“I am so grateful to Fabian. Thank you Fabian for all the love and guidance you offer your clients not only in your YouTube videos but in your private sessions as well. It is very healing to be guided by someone who is dedicated to serving love consciousness and is passionate about the twin flame journey. Thank you for all your guidance and support and for honouring your life purpose!

Blessing to everyone on this journey of self-love and self-discovery. May it be a peaceful, joyful and easy path, filled with loving support”


“I am completely blessed to have a channelled Reading from Fabian. He is truly gifted & validated each message with Divine reasonance. His explanations were on point & place you in awe of his clearness. Thank you Fabian for a wonderfully blessed Reading! You are indeed Divinely sent!” 

“The message given gave me chills. It was so true beyond belief. This message lifted a very heavy weight off of me and it is so accurate, it is my time now and I don’t feel so alone now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really appreciate it Fabian. You are awesome.”


“Thank You so much Fabian!!
It makes so much sense. I am happy to receive your message. And you were right on everything that you said. I would recommend you to anyone that is interested in readings. So keep up the good work. And have a blessed day. God Bless!!”

“My reading was fabulous and everything was explained in detail.
I was beaming after I read my entire twin flame reading.
Not only that, he shared messages that God and my twin’s higher self have for me. The decrees made me feel emotional and connected. It gives me hope for the future to connect with my twin flame.
He is a kind person and he answered my doubts with patience. I am very satisfied with the reading and his guidance.”

“Hello Fabian! Thank you so much for this! It was a confirmation of my thinking and I will do what I want. Powerful words and angels are with us. Bless you in your work! Hoping to have more interaction in the future.”

“Thank you so much for the message- it really came just when I needed it and resonates in my soul. I was worried about my situation and letting go but feel stronger now that I am truly on the right path. I can’t thank you enough- blessings to you”

“Thank you so much, Fabian. I loved it and it will help me a lot. You were absolutely correct about me in your reading. Your service is very much appreciated. ❤”

“thank you Fabian … you are so right. that did resonate very well. I have been looking externally for something that can only be found within. before, I would say I know that i can’t find what I need on the outside, but this reading helped me at the perfect timing to actually acknowledge that and take responsibility for that. thank you so much for this guidance, I really needed it and its going to greatly help me on my journey. I already feel a shift within. thank you thank you thank you! 


“Thank you Fabian for your words of wisdom. They are a constant reminder to stay on track with my journey. I appreciate you taking the time to give this complimentary reading and I am sure many will benefit from the uplifting messages you send.” 

“Thank You so much for this wonderful message. It correctly says that I need to be more self loving and need to learn and respect myself more than others and open up my inner child. Thanks for the reconfirmation. I will surely try to try to implement it in my daily life.”