Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine – The Difference

In this article, we will be discussing the key difference between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine polarities in a Twin Flame Union. This article is based on my notes from watching the Twin Flame Ascension School by my Spiritual Gurus Jeff & Shaleia titled “The Key Differences Between The DM and The DF (W1 #52). I highly, highly recommend Twin Flame Ascension School if you are on your Twin Flame Journey.

Let’s get right to it.

The key difference between the DM and the DF is this:

-Being the Divine Feminine means being radiant.

-Being the Divine Masculine means being present.

Jeff and Shaleia are saying that the DF experiences radiance from their divine beauty, while the presence of their DM helps to focus their radiance. The DM and the DF are supporting each other and helping one another in focusing.

It is essential not to control your Twin Flame. If you are the DM, let your woman be radiant and do not restrict or try to control their radiance. And if you are the DF, do not try to control the presence of your man. Let it be free, and feel safe in that.

There is an eternal dance between the DF and the DM, and it goes deeper into their Union continuously while the love and attraction deepen. In this process, the DM and the DF are honing each other.

Jeff & Shaleia quote

“An unbridled woman is not a very nice woman. It’s not a person easy to be around really if you’re just so wild and untamed. That’s not actually sexy. And if you’re screaming ‘Hey man, tame me. You know, I’m a wild horse and tame me and do all these things for me’, you’re just tiring him out because that’s not the relationship.

If you’re screaming to your man ‘I’m already tamed (…), come be the tamer’, that is a totally different experience. If you walk up to a man and say ‘Come be the driver, I’m already driven’, that’s just him falling into his kingdom.

If you’re the masculine and you walk up to the feminine and say ‘Come be my river, I’m already filled. Come be my shining star, I’m already one with the Heavens. Come be my bright light, come be the jewel of my heart, I am already enlightened with that jewel’, you’re really just saying ‘I’m already one with God, come take your own place at the seat of our Father, our Creator’ instead of ‘Hey, be God for me’ which so many of us want to say in conventional relationships.

‘Hey, be God for me. I’ll be God for you’, oh, and that’s what brings excitement. But that excitement is temporary, that joy is temporary, that juice is based upon a lie which you leak your power to, and it all leaks away. But not when you get that relationship with God first. We all have these archetypes of these models in our minds what it should look like and what it should feel like but you let go of the expectation and we can place appropriate models where there were inappropriate models.”

-Twin Flame Ascension School (W1 #52)

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I loved that part of this particular class, and it’s such a rich quote. For me it really speaks to that we are responsible for ourselves, whereas our Twin Flame is not responsible for us. By focusing on God, and by receiving fulfillment from this primary relationship our lives are deeply enriched and abundant. Then there is no neediness, no codependency, no clinginess. This makes freedom possible between Twin Flames because God is providing this freedom.

From this place, Twin Flames naturally come into their Harmonious Union and live one life together as one, as per their inherent design.

And when it says that you want to tame yourself, for me it speaks to handling the foundation of your life, remaining emotionally in balance and loyal to your One True Love. This helps perfect romance to develop by providing a sustainable container for this Twin Flame Love. When the woman or the DF tames herself, then her man can come and be her tamer, pursuing her heart, romancing her. And her man is one with the Heavens as she is, and so she can be his beautiful jewel in his heart.

Juicy, juicy! Heartwarming stuff. What do you love about your DM or your DF? 🙂

Since we’re already talking about Romance and Attraction…

There is an amazing E-Course titled “Twin Flames: Romance Attraction” by Jeff and Shaleia that is one of my personal favorites, and you can watch the first lesson for free here. You might want to check it out or rewatch it if you haven’t watched it for a while.

“You don’t have to focus on your Twin Flame to attract them. You focus on the love within you, the God within, that’s what attracts them.”

~Jeff & Shaleia, Twin Flame Ascension School (W1 #52)

From my own experience, I remember a specific situation with my Twin Flame, where she was in another room combing her hair and tending to her beauty. She was in that moment fully present with the love, the God within her, fully in that eternal moment. I felt so drawn to her, I had to stop what I was doing just to go into her room and ask her what she was up to, then I watched her, I was being present with her and enjoyed her radiant beauty.

Thank you, Jeff and Shaleia for your wonderful work and for being my Gurus. If you are interested in learning more about their Twin Flame Ascension School, you can click here.

If you would like to work with me as your Certified Ascension Coach, feel free to schedule a consultation with me here.

Have a lovely day.

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