Learn to value the way Master Certified Ascension Coach Fabian works in a discounted first session. Here your burning questions will be answered, blocks will be healed with the Mirror Exercise, and you will receive clarity and certainty about how to easily enter your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Fabian’s work is based on the Teachings of Union, created by Jeff and Shaleia, which he would like to introduce to you here or deepen if you are already familiar with them. After the discounted first Session (1 hour) you will know exactly if Fabian is the perfect person for you to continue working with.

How does the Introductory Session take place?

Via the video conference app “Zoom” or by phone.

How much does the discounted first Session cost?

Introductory Sessions are available for $60.

How do I book the Introductory Session?

Via PayPal (click here)

After you have transferred the amount, you can easily schedule your desired date here: https://calendly.com/fabian-scholz

Thank you very much for your trust – if you have any questions please contact us: Fabian@TwinFlamesMastery.com

How do I get an additional 50% off?

Visit https://TwinFlamesUniverse.com to claim your Free Introductory Course for Twin Flames and receive a coupon for an additional 50% off. Simply send your coupon to: Fabian@TwinFlamesMastery.com and I’ll send your special booking link to you.

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