The bigger picture of Twin Flames

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We are all pregnant. With an idea. We are giving birth to a new era. And we are almost there.

We are living in a very exciting day and age. I don’t know if you know. But I know that something amazing and wonderful is emerging behind the curtain so to speak. And we all know about this on some level. Our heart knows. And out heart whispers to us “Have no fear, the darkness is over. For the light has come.”

So, if you look out into the world you see a lot of beautiful things and people. And you can also see a lot of negative and violent things. Lots of pain and war. And if you think about the future there are only two possibilities. Hell or Heaven. Destruction or Cooperation. Fear or Love. Illusion or Truth. Separation or Oneness. Ego or God.

It’s either the one or the other. Given an infinite time span, the greater power wins over the other. You cannot serve two masters at the same time.

So what is the truth? And what is the illusion here? What’s real? What do you believe in? What do you want to believe in? And what do you choose to believe in?

Now let’s make it simple and listen to our hearts for a moment…

Our heart knows that only love is real. Love has no opposite and love never fails.

We are now experiencing an evolutionary leap of the collective consciousness.

This is NOT the end of the world.  But it is the end of the world as we know it.

This process has been going on for many thousands of years. And the turn of eras from darkness to light was prophesized by many great masters and seers. This turn of eras has different names “second coming of Christ”, “Golden Age”, or “Ascension”.

Now the big question is how does something like that happen? Will it change overnight?

There are many tools for Ascension available like kriya yoga, many other spiritual practices or even “A Course in Miracles”. But all of these tools are not THAT practical and are not THAT suitable for MASS application (imagine everyone had to meditate in a cave for decades). Now very powerful tools are needed that are practical.

And our tool of choice here is GLOBAL TWIN FLAME REUNION.

Twin Flames are the perfect ascension tool here because they make people feel awake and alive. You’ll eventually meet your twin flame and you’ll experience things that you have no explanation for. Your twin flame experience makes you question everything you think you know.

So twin flames motivate the people intrinsically and naturally to embark on their spiritual journey, and their search for more answers and God.

THIS is the true purpose of twin flames. Global twin flame reunion is a divine dispensation and the Royal completion of the Satan experiment. A great celebration of universal proportions and great meaning.

The happy end is here.

The happy end is inevitable.

The happy end was always assured.

So…knowing the bigger picture of twin flames, take it easy when you are upset on your twin flame journey. Chill out, and do your inner work… 😉 There is a bigger picture and a bigger purpose to all of this.

I’m a spiritual teacher specializing in twin flames and I feel certain that I can assist you on your journey into heaven on earth. Please reach out to me if you feel inspired to do so.

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