Lionsgate 8/8: How Twin Flames make the most of it

Another cycle around the sun, another Lionsgate Portal (8/8) is here, now let’s make the absolute most of it.

The most for our Twin Flame Harmonious Union journey, yeay!

Here’s the thing though, it’s not the Portal that makes things happen for you. There is a lot of people out there still believing in power outside of themselves, truth is, however, that all power lies within you because you are the creator of your reality.

You can still enjoy this Portal and make the absolute most out of it. It’s simply a reminder of your power, that’s within you all year around.

It’s a magical opportunity for healing. You can really go deep within and the healing work you do is amplified. It’s amplified because you believe in the power of this Portal. It’s a permission slip for you to activate the power that you always had, hehe.

So yeah, healing work, is one thing. The other thing is really sitting with yourself and your intentions for the next year. How are things going right now? What would you like to manifest? What is your desire? It might be Harmonious Twin Flame Union (or the deepening of it).

So that’s it, that’s my favorite activity. It’s to sit with my choice for Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Let me share this amazing and simple decree “I choose to be in Permanent Harmonious Union with my True Twin Flame.” (from Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover).

Feel free to repeat it in your heart and then feel it, feel the vibration of it. Feel your energy expand and feel your very own Harmonious Twin Flame Union, feel it and enjoy it.

That is how you could leverage this 8/8 Lionsgate Portal for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union journey.

Love never fails!

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