“Do I Have A Twin Flame?”

(in case you do not feel like reading at the moment, you can watch me read this article to you in the video above)

If you are asking yourself questions like: 
“Do I (really) have a twin flame? 
Is my twin flame incarnated right now? 
Do twin flames even exist?”…
This article is probably going to help you!
In my opinion the twin flame concept is absolutely real.
It’s NOT a bullshit hollywood story.
It’s NOT a romantic fantasy and
it’s NOT to good to be true!
Twin flames DO exist and they are real, so the quick answer would be:
“Yes, you DO have a twin flame!”
Let me give you a couple of reasons why this is true:
You are a perfect child of god. God gave you the ability to create and manifest anything you desire. God wants you to be happy. If you desire your perfect lover, God will bring you two together!
If you have the desire, deep in your heart, to meet your ultimate lover, he or she MUST exist and it must be possible for you to meet him or her.
The desire and the manifestation of this desire are two sides of the same coin. This is a law of physics. The desire can’t exist without its manifestation & YOU can’t exist without your divine counterpart!
Everything happens for a reason as you know and so there is a reason that you are reading this article right now. There is a reason that you are concerned with this concept.
I mean, you could be playing Pokémon GO or something (which btw is quite awesome), but you are reading this article instead.
You are doing so because your HIGHER SELF wants you to.
You are doing this for YOURSELF and for YOUR twin flame!
It’s very easy for your mind to find reasons that make you question and doubt this concept.
So you arrived at a point in your journey where you want to make a decision.
You basically want to make the decision that the twin flame concept is real and that your twin flame exists.
If you are ready to make this decision now, feel free to repeat after me:
“Hereby, I choose the following by my free will:
I choose to accept the true nature of the twin flame concept.
I make the decision for myself now that my twin flame is real.
I make the decision to no longer doubt this concept.
I make the decision for love, myself and my twin flame!
This is my free will choice now and forever.
So be it.”
I hope that this article was helpful to you and I wish you all the best on your personal journey.
Much love from Germany,



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