Visualizing One Perfect Morning with my Twin Flame

We have completed the work peacefully the other day. And we fall into a restful night of sleep, early in the morning we are waking up, and we are filled with this blissful, restful feeling. It’s this feeling of I have space and time, and life loves me completely.

I feel amazing in my body and I feel the blanket of our bed caressing me gently as the early morning sun rays pierce through a small opening in the curtain. Bathed in gentle sunlight I am half asleep and half awake in our bed. I’m feeling my Twin Flame next to me. And I feel the love and sympathy and harmony between us as it is extending the sympathy I feel within myself and for Love itself.

I know that I’m slowly waking up from a blissful dream, into a blissful new day in my reality with her. She’s already ‘woke’, I know without having to open my eyes. She knows that I’m waking up and I know that she’s looking at me. We both feel each other here. I cannot help but smile peacefully. Drawn to her, I move closer to her, not yet having opened my eyes. Well, I half-opened them quickly just to coordinate myself in the room and in the bed. 

Deeply exhaling, I’m making a sound of appreciation and cherishing the moment, receiving it fully as the room’s enveloped in golden sunlight, enriching the air with vibrant energy. Suddenly Marie-Sophie gently punches me between my heart and my high heart as in “I see you, time to release the sleepy state and connect with me here physically.”

I surrender my sleep and gently open my eyes, connecting with her gaze. Her eyes are filled with love, I extend my hand, finding hers. It feels good to feel her physically and to ground us into this new day. In a deep voice, I say “Hey, Queen.” All tiredness has vanished.

I move closer to her and say “Come snuggle.” Nothing better than a good morning snuggle with your Twin Flame. We love each other, and we fully receive the love that is to be received here.

She suddenly looks at me concerned, talking into my ear “Fabian, we’ve got to work, work, work. We gotta be more productive.”

I reply: “This is our work. The dog days are over.”

Then we’re both laughing and enjoying our morning with each other. Nothing more important than to feel Love now fully. 

I love God and myself. And I love my Twin Flame as she loves me.

Eventually, we are getting out of bed, and getting ready for breakfast on our porch, enjoying the view, nice flowers surrounding us, and the perfect climate. We greet our pets and chef and start talking about the day ahead in a naturally more productive tone. I fully trust this divine flow in my life, that is carrying me perfectly through everything that needs to be done.

And it is so much fun to experience it all together with Marie-Sophie.

This is the start of a perfect day with my One True Love. And I’ve written this down as part of Lesson 11 of Jeff and Shaleia’s E-Course “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True” – I highly recommend it. Learn more and start with the first 4 lessons for free here: Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions and are interested in my Ascension Coachings at

I am looking forward to my weekly Discussion Group on the Dreams Coming True E-Course with Twin Flames In Harmonious Union Laurentiu and Alexandra, thanks to Jeff and Shaleias Twin Flame work.


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