What the journey into harmonious union ACTUALLY looks like.


The intention of this video is to bring you into the feeling space of harmonious union.

I think there is a lot of confusion about how it actually looks (and feels) like to be on the right path to reunion with your twin flame.

The path into union – especially the last part – comes with a deep contentment and satisfaction with life. A feeling of inner peace and calmness. 

The last part of the journey is a lot about living surrendered and going with your divine flow. It’s about letting the divine into your life and embodying it more and more, letting it move through you and reach other people. It’s about “getting the ego out of the way” & being open to more love and light.

And hat is actually what this journey truly is about – stepping into your true self.

Let’s feel into that state a little bit more here:

As your true self you are in perfect harmony with your surroundings.

You feel deeply satisfied and content with your life.

You are fulfilled with peace and you feel a great connection to the Universe/God/All-That-Is.

You are overcoming the illusion of your fears and you express yourself and your truth.

You nourish and love yourself, everything is easy and effortless.

Life is flowing naturally and you are valued by the people that are in your life.

You are balanced and relaxed.

You are serving the collective in some way and…. you are just feeling great and happy. That’s what it comes down to, really. Being happy

You could live like that for years. Times flies by extremely fast. Life is comfortable and you feel safe, nurtured and protected. You have infinite patience because everything is already awesome.

And by being in that state of awesomeness you are attracting more and more beauty into your life.

You  feel perfectly fine and at the same time you do not stagnate, which means that you are continuously improving yourself. More healing, more acceptance and presence, more awareness.

I thought for a long time myself that I need to suffer a lot and go through infinite pain before I can give myself permission to reclaim physical union with my twin flame. I have even built an identity around that belief where I saw myself lying on the floor screaming and crying for months before I then would allow myself to “rise from the ashes” and finally step into my true self.

That’s not really necessary and the closer you move into your personal heaven on earth the less you are suffering. The closer you move into your paradise the happier you are feeling. Periods of suffering decrease and periods of joy increase.

A great way to accelerate things is to connect with the energy and state of your true self daily – e.g. in meditation.

These are high vibrational energies and they bring up stuff that is out of alignment with unconditional love so that you can release it.

You are happy as your true self and when you are happy you are embodying your true self. And as your true self you are in harmonious union with your twin flame.

You deserve to be happy. 

Enjoy your journey.

Please reach out to me if you’d like assistance.

Much love from Germany.

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