Divine Friendships

The twin flame journey can be very demanding at times. Upheaval and pain are very common and it is a good sign since you are releasing and healing ideas that are out of alignment with true love. True love is your pure essence, true love is who you are. God created you and every one of your brothers and sisters in pure love and this is what we are all uncovering right now.

Your harmonious twin flame relationship goes hand in hand with a harmonious relationship with yourself, your brothers and sisters, and God. It is highly recommended that you share your experiences with like-minded people. People that are positive, high-vibrational and spiritual. Surround yourself with supportive friends and develop a relationship based on divine love with them. These divine relationships prepare you for your divine relationship with your twin flame.

Divine friendships are just wonderful and together you can help each other in times of difficulties and you can celebrate together when success occurs. This is the time of reunion with God. God is reuniting with all of his children and his children are reuniting with God. Children are reuniting with other children and this is what brings them to God. Finding God in each other, finding God in a divine relationship. Seeing the divine spark in your best friends that are on the same spiritual journey as you are.

This time is the end of separation. This is the time of oneness and unity. How much are you already investing into your friends? How well are you following the principles of oneness in your everyday life? In which ways do you still live in separation?

Identify the things that are based on the old paradigm of separation and fear. It is now safe and easy to trust the divine flow and open up to love. Open up to love yourself, and your divine friends. Melt your ego into the nothingness that it truly is in these divine relationships. Love your brothers and sisters and support them. Receive their support in return. Find God together and enjoy your harmonious twin flame union.

Using the “God Mode” to attain Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame


Welcome to another article. This article contains everything you need to know for a harmonious union with your twin flame. 🙂

Let me start by saying that n the past it was very common for my clients to reach a point in their journey when everything is going quite well in their lives after they went through a big transformation. They begun to live their purpose, heal themselves and help others…and they reached a point where everything was OK. Nice and easy life. Occasional chats with their twin flame here and there.

But they didn’t feel complete and they didn’t reach harmonious union yet. Something huge was missing. Something very essential. My clients often asked themselves: “I am living a nice life, I have good friends, I am helping people…but what is it that I am not getting? What am I missing?”

Well, here is your missing piece for your complete heaven on earth.

Are you ready?

It’s God.

As you probably already know there are only 2 choices you can make at any given moment. One is in alignment with God (All-That-Is) and the other isn’t (Ego). The goal is to only make decisions that are in alignment with God (Love), because if you do – if you only make decisions in alignment with God – you are in perfect union with yourself, the universe and your twin flame. Everyone wins with God.

So it is absolutely impossible to attain harmonious union with your twin flame on your own. You are very  weak without God, because without God you are Ego. And Ego is nothing so you are nothing without God…but with God? You are everything! God is your strength. And you need God to attain perfect and divine union with your eternal partner.

So it is all about developing and cultivating your relationship with God. God is speaking to you always, in every moment. God is always guiding you towards more love and to all of your good including your perfect twin flame union. The relationship with God is built on trust and trust is built with time.

So what you want to do is to receive God’s guidance and follow it so that you learn that it is safe to trust God. God is speaking to you in many different ways, one of them being your intuition.

Here is how I receive God’s guidance (God is the way):

I relax into my sacred heart space and ask God to tell me what I should do next.

Then after a moment a couple of different things come to mind.

For example:

1) Watch a movie

2) Have dinner

3) Write my twin flame a message

4) Take a nap

5) Go to the gym

Then I take all of these activities together and blend their energies until they feel balanced. This is a certain feeling of peace I can feel then. This energy of peace is God’s guidance. From this state of balance I will easily know where love is guiding me. It might be one of the activities listed or a new one emerging out of this new attained peace.

 I choose the activity that has the highest level of peace and balance under the surface; I translate the different suggestions regarding activities into a single statement & advice. This is then the balance-point from where I choose my next action. I choose the action that contains the highest degree of this balanced and peaceful energy.

This is the right Way for me. This is the God Mode that brings me all my good.

That’s it for now. I hope that this article is helpful to you.

All the best on your spiritual journey in alignment with All-That-Is.

Thanks for reading.

Much love from Germany.


Video Games Analogy about the Structure of our Reality. (2/2)

Now let’s imagine for just a moment that we are the developers of a video game. Think about it for a second. Everything you can experience in your video game is created by the game developers. They designed everything from nothingness, or from infinite potential. They designed the story, the missions, the quests, the characters, the world, the possibilities, the actions, the setting, the scenery, the weather. The game is a reflection of their creative potential. They translate a creative idea from their imagination into a virtual reality. This process is called programming. They can manipulate every variable in their games. Even laws of physics. Everything in their virtual reality is a result of their programming. Everything in the virtual reality is functioning in accordance with the source code.

The source code here can be seen as infinite creative potential. Everything you can think of can be manifested by programming it. A change in the source code changes the world. And so even our normal, so-called real world was programmed a long time ago. Everything that is happening in our reality is tracing back to the source code of our reality. So let’s say, to simplify things, everything in our reality is saved on a huge hard disk somewhere and everything we experience is in accordance with the source code; so the source code includes the rules of your reality. It says how things work in our physical reality.

In a real video game you can move your character from A to B. In this reality you can move yourself or objects from A to B. Since everything is programmed somewhere in the source code (since everything originates from there) these objects and locations are saved on a hard disk. So if the developer checks these objects he can see the different properties of the object and e.g. see the exact location of the object. It just needs a simple click and the object disappears from location A and appears in location B instantaneously. Other properties like color can also be changed effortlessly.

Now notice that when you are playing that game you cannot do these things usually or you’d be called a hacker or cheater. And this is the same with our „normal“ reality, right? Now that we are actively playing the human game called life on earth the developer access is blocked and we cannot manipulate the core rules of our game. The process of god-realization is granting you back these creative powers in a fundamental way. Your Twin Flame is your most powerful tool to attain god-realization.