Divine Friendships

The twin flame journey can be very demanding at times. Upheaval and pain are very common and it is a good sign since you are releasing and healing ideas that are out of alignment with true love. True love is your pure essence, true love is who you are. God created you and every one of your brothers and sisters in pure love and this is what we are all uncovering right now.

Your harmonious twin flame relationship goes hand in hand with a harmonious relationship with yourself, your brothers and sisters, and God. It is highly recommended that you share your experiences with like-minded people. People that are positive, high-vibrational and spiritual. Surround yourself with supportive friends and develop a relationship based on divine love with them. These divine relationships prepare you for your divine relationship with your twin flame.

Divine friendships are just wonderful and together you can help each other in times of difficulties and you can celebrate together when success occurs. This is the time of reunion with God. God is reuniting with all of his children and his children are reuniting with God. Children are reuniting with other children and this is what brings them to God. Finding God in each other, finding God in a divine relationship. Seeing the divine spark in your best friends that are on the same spiritual journey as you are.

This time is the end of separation. This is the time of oneness and unity. How much are you already investing into your friends? How well are you following the principles of oneness in your everyday life? In which ways do you still live in separation?

Identify the things that are based on the old paradigm of separation and fear. It is now safe and easy to trust the divine flow and open up to love. Open up to love yourself, and your divine friends. Melt your ego into the nothingness that it truly is in these divine relationships. Love your brothers and sisters and support them. Receive their support in return. Find God together and enjoy your harmonious twin flame union.

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