Video Games Analogy about the Structure of our Reality. (2/2)

Now let’s imagine for just a moment that we are the developers of a video game. Think about it for a second. Everything you can experience in your video game is created by the game developers. They designed everything from nothingness, or from infinite potential. They designed the story, the missions, the quests, the characters, the world, the possibilities, the actions, the setting, the scenery, the weather. The game is a reflection of their creative potential. They translate a creative idea from their imagination into a virtual reality. This process is called programming. They can manipulate every variable in their games. Even laws of physics. Everything in their virtual reality is a result of their programming. Everything in the virtual reality is functioning in accordance with the source code.

The source code here can be seen as infinite creative potential. Everything you can think of can be manifested by programming it. A change in the source code changes the world. And so even our normal, so-called real world was programmed a long time ago. Everything that is happening in our reality is tracing back to the source code of our reality. So let’s say, to simplify things, everything in our reality is saved on a huge hard disk somewhere and everything we experience is in accordance with the source code; so the source code includes the rules of your reality. It says how things work in our physical reality.

In a real video game you can move your character from A to B. In this reality you can move yourself or objects from A to B. Since everything is programmed somewhere in the source code (since everything originates from there) these objects and locations are saved on a hard disk. So if the developer checks these objects he can see the different properties of the object and e.g. see the exact location of the object. It just needs a simple click and the object disappears from location A and appears in location B instantaneously. Other properties like color can also be changed effortlessly.

Now notice that when you are playing that game you cannot do these things usually or you’d be called a hacker or cheater. And this is the same with our „normal“ reality, right? Now that we are actively playing the human game called life on earth the developer access is blocked and we cannot manipulate the core rules of our game. The process of god-realization is granting you back these creative powers in a fundamental way. Your Twin Flame is your most powerful tool to attain god-realization.


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