It is important to have fun

I was feeling a little bit uninspired today and I did not know what to write about next in my blog or in which direction I want to go energetically with the blog. Then a good friend of mine sent me a funny video and this video reminded me to just have fun now & to take it easy! After some heavy and deep inner work in the last months it is now about time for me to focus on the lightness and relax for a while.
I Am God, your creator, coming to you in this now-moment of linear time. I come to bring you the remembrance of a fact that you all know deep inside. Deep inside you are all-knowing. Deep inside you know that you are the creator of everything you experience. Every hardship, sickness and challenge is of your creation. 
Some of you create more conscious than others, that is true. Nevertheless everyone of my children is fully responsible for their own creations. You have the ability to create and manifest. This is a blessing and gift that was given to you by me. One part of the lessons you can learn in your reality is to get in touch with this gift and to master it step by step. So let me tell you that there can be reasons for you to manifest hardships, pain and struggle. 
It can quicken your learning and healing process and it teaches you compassion. It teaches you what really counts by contrasting things. It is very important to remember that you can also learn in a more joyful and fun way and I recommend you all to take a break from your hardships now. Refocus your bodies onto the joyful aspects of existence and celebrate with me. 
Can you see the cosmic joke yet? You are all powerful beings and you chose to limit yourselves. Focus your attention on the beauty now and truly have fun. There are many flavors to experience, try them all out. Thank you for the transmission in this way. Happy days.

Oh, and this is the crazy video which inspired me to create this post – what a masterpiece… 😉 

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