Ur Twin Flame loves you when you are AUTHENTIC! (why & how)

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This article is about why it is important to be yourself when you are on your journey into union with God and your Twin Flame.

We are all tired of the many wars and the violence, and we want to go home. And we are going home, indeed.

Everyone is searching for this feeling of home. Everyone is searching. For more meaning. For more clarity. For more joy. For more love. For deep and meaningful connetions. If I look around I see that the majority of people are feeling very lonely, scared and sad in their heart of hearts. They might be smiling a lot and living a pretty decent life but they are missing something very essential. They are coping and not striving. And they all know it on some level. They all know what they are doing. And they can choose to play their games, to distract themselves with meaningless things, to deny the fear, and to say that love is not real – BUT the longing for GOD will ALWAYS be there no matter what they do.

The truth is that we are all looking for God. We are looking for God in our relationships, in our activities, in our experiences, in our thoughts and feelings. And it is this relationship with God that is bringing us everything we ever wished for and so much more. And we will find God everywhere if we keep searching, because God is ALL there is, and because it is his will to be found.

It all starts with a simple thought “Is there more to life? Is there more to life than this, than what I see with my physical eyes?” And so the spiritual journey begins. It’s a journey of getting to know who you really are, who you are when you are authentic, defenseless and vulnerable, who you are when you are open to love and understand that we are all equals.

There is no difference between the spiritual journey and the twin flame journey – it’s the same. Twin Flame Union is one of many ways to heal separation consciousness. Separation from God and your divine and authentic self.
If you are your true self it is natural for you to be together with your twin flame because you were created together as one.

One lesson that I am personally going through at the moment is being vulnerable and opening up.

Let me share this story as an example

I had this wonderful hike a few days ago. Gaia was stalking me. A LOT of birds and rabbits following me. It was a beautiful experience. All the animals told stories about long-forgotten beauty and true love. That was a really peaceful experience you know.
IT made me realize once again that we always have everything we need. That everything IS perfect. That beauty IS everywhere.
The joy really is in the little and simple things. And in togetherness. It is all about making a connection to someone. Money and fame alone aren’t worth a penny.
While I was on that hike I met a friendly couple and we talked a little bit about how important it is to take breaks and go into nature. We always tend to be so hard on ourselves and want to be perfect. But so we lose our authenticity, our divine spark….just be yourself, be real, be comfortable. We are all the same. No one is better than the other.
It was a very humbling that day in nature and very grounding.
Beautiful sunset as well!

In the past, I refrained from talking publicly about these experiences, because I was afraid of getting judged. But what kind of choice is that? In truth, you can only judge yourself.

No one is better is better than the other. We are all the same. All equals. Having the same Source. The same goal. Everyone has a unique journey. But we all have the same destination. So it is important to never judge anyone, especially not the self.

I can tell from my own experience that I used to pretend to be someone else for a long time. Changing myself depending on the situation and person I was facing. I always felt the others so well that I knew what to say so that they would like me or that they’d be ok with what I am saying and doing. I could feel when they have judged me for certain things and so I stopped doing and expressing them.

But I completely forgot the most important thing by doing that. I forgot to love myself, to respect myself and I forgot to know myself.

So you have to make a choice here. You can choose to be who you really are or you can be someone you are not.

– Ego Self –
No Real Friendships
Constant Fear

– Divine Self –
Real friends
Love yourself
Attract everything you desire / that is meant for you including your Twin Flame Union
God Union

This is a choice without alternative because you either choose to be your divine self and gain everything or you choose to be someone you are not and loose everything.

So this is a time where you want to stop hiding. Honor your truth because honoring your truth is loving others.

The world needs more people that act as a role model that are opening up and being vulnerable and authentic, and speak up. When we are not our divine self, we are serving fear. By serving fear, you are inviting attack. Choose to be completely defenseless instead. Defenselessness is Safety, because by being defenseless and vulnerable you give no energy to the idea of attack and thus cannot be attacked because attack is not real.

You are not the only person that is scared, maybe feels a little bit insecure and does not know all the answers. Everyone is like that. Just open up. Be compassionate and understanding.

Be there for your brothers and sisters. Pay attention to when they try to open up to you. Be a safe haven for them. Lend them a hand. Don’t judge them. Love them unconditionally. Share your love and warmth with one another. Forgive yourself and others. Speak from the heart and feel what you are saying. Don’t say something if you don’t mean it

DETOX your life. If necessary, Stay away from the crowd & Make your own party.

And then connect with God through your heart, go out into the world, RISE AND SHINE. Say “Hello World, this is me.”

Give more. Take breaks. Listen to the Music. Celebrate. Dance to creation. Surf the waves of love. See the beauty everywhere, nature, animals, big cities. Enjoy the ride. Take life as it comes. Explore.

Decree: I am born to shine. The beauty within me shines trough. I am loved for who I am.

Give yourself to God and then show your divine self to the world. This is the greatest gift that you can give.

We are all tired of the many wars and the violence, and we want to go home. And we are going home, indeed. We are realizing that we were home all along because home is ALL there is.

Thanks for reading.

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Much love from Germany.


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