Twin Flames and Ascension – Let go of the Discomfort


The Ascension Series 

my new ascension series is aimed to assist you and me directly with transcending the illusion & the ego (the root cause of all negativity, all conflict and all separation). The transcendence of the ego can be regarded as the only REAL goal one can have in the 3D matrix. There are many routes you can take in order to overcome the illusion and they are all based on (unconditional) love.
The transcendence of the ego does not necessarily mean to leave the physical plane as fast as possible and then move to a “paradisal place somewhere in heaven”. It can also mean to switch into a level of eternal love and bliss while staying on earth, because the two realities (fear and love) are coexisting together at all times and can be accessed with your intention WITHOUT changing your external location.

Life on earth can be very uncomfortable. Especially wearing this bodysuit can feel very uncomfortable and limiting at times. We are all tired of the many distractions, the noise (acoustically and energetically) and the toxins that surround us.
But that’s the beauty! …and it’s absolutely required to bring change. If there is no reason nor need for change, nothing is ever going to change.
The fact that you are feeling a lot of discomfort here on earth at the moment is beautiful because it shows you that you are very much in tune with your feelings… and your feelings are fine-tuned to the truth. This points you to your desire to experience truth, harmony and love and to see it manifested on the planet.
It points you to your desire of change.
As soon as you have the desire for change, change IS experienced & happening. 
The chaos that the collective is going through at the moment is part of that change.
The discomfort you are feeling is part of that change.
Let me tell you that a big slice of your discomfort is caused by resistance to the change and to the healing taking place.
Whereas the resistance is caused by an underlying misbelief (in your consciousness).
The misbelief is telling you that there is a force outside of yourself which is different and separated from you. You think that this power, which is God, has different interests than you and that this power wants you to do things that you don’t like.
This misbelief is causing the discomfort and resistance to positive change you desire the most.
God created you as an equal, you are part of God and God wants all of his parts to be happy. God’s highest interest IS your highest interest and your highest interest IS God’s highest interest. God’s desire is your desire. Your desire is God’s desire. God’s will is your will and your will is God’s will. God is you and you are God.
With this realization it is much easier to trust and surrender the occurring changes and let go of the discomfort.
This lifetime is not about finishing your life lessons and then rush “home”. This life is about bringing “home” (heaven) to earth.
I hope that this article is helpful to you and I wish you an easy and comfortable transition to 5D.
Much love from Germany,



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