Twin Flame Message Revelation

A (Easter Egg): Hey Twinnie, we haven’t been in touch recently, but I know that this is only temporary. For it is absolutely true. We ARE Twin Flames and destined to be and to live together. This is not just a fantasy. And it is not far away or out of reach. It is only a matter of presence and diligence in our inner work. Our breakthrough is near. I love you!

B (Chocolate): We only need to surrender to what we know is true. I love you. You love me. We have seen each other. Melted together for not just one magic moment. We tasted the nectar and we both know. So. let’s stop pretending. Let’s get back to our place of Union. Because we haven’t been apart in truth. It’s just a remembering of our natural state. I have never left your side and this time it will work out between us because we have matured. I love you!

C (Soda can): Hey sweetheart. I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth is it taking so long for me to realize that I love you? Yeah, it is taking long, isn’t it? Not really though because time is just a concept. So, we can do this and we can have this. But what is preventing us still from being together? It’s just a block. And it can be resolved. And it is on the inside where we find the solution and realize our healing. It’s simple, yet effective. Mirror Exercise all the way. 🙂

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