The Ultimate Reassurance for Twin Flames


I know it can be quite difficult at times, dear Twin Flame adventurer. This video is designed to restore your peace of mind swiftly by stating simple and basic facts. Let’s start with our foundation: God. Yes, God is a fact. And God is the foundation for a successful Reunion with your Twin Flame 🙂 God or the universe is not an accident nor is it chaos. It has a perfect and divine order. It is intelligent. And it is aware.

(The second foundation is that twin flames are real. you could not have the desire in your heart for your twin flame without the possibility of fulfilling this desire, because desire and the manifestation of this desire are two sides of the same coin.)

If it is written in the stars

If it is meant to be

There is No need to worry about anything and you can relax. God designed you two for each other. It is your nature to be together and this is who you are. You are your Twin Flame and your Twin Flame is you. God is perfect. God’s

plan is perfect. Your twin flame union is part of God’s plan.

It is safe to trust and to let go of all control.

The root of the most problems is thinking that you need to make sure that your Twin Flame doesn’t do something stupid. It is trying to manipulate and control your twin Twin Flame. And by trying to manipulate your Twin Flame you are saying that you don’t trust yourself and God. With understanding some basic facts you can feel very at ease

and safe.

1) God is perfect and his intelligence is infinite

2) You and your Twin Flame are ONE. You are making the same choices.

So by choosing to live in alignment with God, your twin flame MUST make the same choice. And then it is in the hands of God. So, easy going! (so it is not about improving the relationship to your twin flame by reaching out to them and get them to like you. It is about your relationship to God that is the foundation for your harmonious twin flame union

Another choice you can make is to love yourself. Then your Twin Flame WILL make the same choice!

You do not need any approval from outside of yourself. You only need your own approval and love. By living in alignment with God Twin Flame Union must happen. So it is completely up to you and God, since your Twin Flame reflects your choices. You don’t need anything from outside of yourself to attain your harmonious Twin Flame Union. You have everything within.

You do not need your Twin Flame to feel complete and perfectly happy because you are already complete and you have everything you need to be perfectly happy. You are the ice cream and your Twin Flame is the cherry on top. If you don’t feel complete without your Twin Flame this is because you still have some limiting beliefs that you need to identify and release.

Love yourself and build your relationship with God. Do not let yourself distract you from something external. It is easy to get distracted by certain events happening in your twin flame union. Stay connected to yourself, stay grounded. Do not lose focus from yourself. Stay in your own kingdom where it is very safe and where love resides.

Finally, if something “bad” happens, remember that there are no mistakes, only lessons. If you forgive yourself, your twin flame will do it, too.

I hope that this video helps you to restore your peace and to be in high spirits again. Negativity is not real. Trust the process. Please reach out to me if you’d like assistance with your spiritual quest regarding harmonious Twin Flame Union. I am offering Coaching Sessions on Skype, Twin Flame Oracle Cards Readings and the Twin Flames Mastery Course. The Twin Flames Mastery Course is probably the best option for you if you want to master the Twin Flame Connection very fast.

Much love from Germany.


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  1. H D

    Thank you Fabian
    I love. ” Stay in your own kingdom where it is very safe and where love resides”. Negativity cannot take up residence in an open loving heart, instead negativity becomes squatter….this kingdom has no place for squatters. Thank you for the read just what my “kingdom” needed. Always Love, inner strength, and peace

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