The Mirror Exercise (short version)

“In your Twin Flame Union, many misaligned thoughts and beliefs are going to come to the surface for healing. You’re going to need a specific and conscious process that can assist you through your challenges, or you’re going to find you and your Twin Flame have developed the dreaded ‘Twin Flame Runner Dynamic.’ This is when one or both partners run in the opposite direction of their Union.

When your partner upsets you, it’s because your partner is reflecting something in you which is out of alignment with your Divine Self (your Divine Self is the part of you which exists always as pure love), so you’re actually doing something to yourself to upset you, and that’s why you’re upset with someone else in the first place.

The Mirror Exercise is a potent tool to address and
clear these upsets from your reality, so you may experience greater peace, love, and happiness. ”

-Excerpt from Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover

Mirror Exercise (Step by step)

1) Write out in as few words as possible the upset you are experiencing.
“I don’t like my Twin Flame because he puts me under a lot of pressure.”

2) Write the sentence all over again, but switch all the nouns to pronouns and point them to yourself.

“I don’t like myself because I put myself under a lot of pressure.”

3) Ask yourself, “Is there ANY truth to this statement?” And go deeper until you find the root of the issue.

“Yes, after contemplation I can say that there is truth to it. I am talking to myself in a negative way and I demand a lot from myself. This puts me under a lot of pressure. Sometimes I misinterpret things and create negative scenarios in my mind.”

4) Close your eyes and imagine the hurt- & problem-part of yourself in front of you and ask it: What do you need right now to heal? What do you need to feel loved right now?

Give that part a hug, much love and everything it may need. Ask that part for advice. Integrate that part back into yourself when it is completely healed. This step involves an imaginary dialogue with the upset and healing it by following its own advice. This is the most important Step. Some Upsets are healed in one session, deeper upsets need multiple sessions.

Other Examples

“I don’t like my Twin Flame because sometimes he loses touch of reality.”

“I don’t like my sister because she is harassing me a lot.”

“I don’t like my mother because she is never there for me.”

Happy mirroring!

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