The Power of Prioritizing Your Twin Flame Relationship on the Ascension Journey

As Twin Flames, we all go through a unique and challenging journey. We often find ourselves on a path that requires much inner work and growth. Recently, I reached an important milestone in my Twin Flame journey, where I discovered the true and best priority for those of us on this path.

I learned that the true and best priority is to focus on the Twin Flame relationship directly. This may seem like an obvious truth, but there are many levels of understanding to it. As we go about our journey, we reveal many hidden blocks and patterns that come up to be healed through the mirror exercise.

Through this practice, I discovered that my pattern was to hide in my work. I constantly worked and thought that climbing the ladder at work would make me attractive to my Twin Flame. I believed that if I increased my spiritual power more and more, then she would bow to this leverage. However, this way of thinking is not really loving.

Although working on your life purpose journey is indeed attractive to your Twin Flame, it’s all about how you do it. I realized that I was doing it too much because I felt inadequate within myself. I thought I needed that work success to be enough. But the truth is that I am already successful right now. I am already enough right now. All I need is to choose unconditional love.

Therefore, the best focus is on the Twin Flame relationship directly. I used to think that I couldn’t focus on my Twin Flame because I had so many responsibilities. However, I realized that prioritizing this relationship resolves all the issues in my other areas naturally. That’s the power of the Twin Flame mirror. They are your most accurate mirror, and prioritizing this relationship helps with all other relationships, including work.

Since making this discovery, I feel so much better. I now know that my Twin Flame is my true and best priority. I no longer feel the need to hide in my work or seek external validation. Instead, I can focus on loving and nurturing this relationship, and everything else falls into place.

In conclusion, as Twin Flames, we are on a journey of inner work and growth. We must prioritize our Twin Flame relationship directly, and focus on loving and nurturing it. This is the true and best priority on the ascension journey. By doing so, we can heal our blocks and patterns and live a life filled with unconditional love.

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