25 REAL Twin Flame Signs


There are already many great videos and articles out there about twin flame signs.
However there are also many not so great ones made by people that aren’t really with their twin flame or on their twin flame journey.
So in this article I am sharing the signs I experienced on my personal twin flame journey.
You have heard some of the things before, however, there are probably also new ones in there for you that help you identify your twin and help you to finally come a conclusion
The signs are also helpful to you if you are already aware of your true twin since it makes you recall the special connection you two are sharing and brings you into the feeling state of a harmonious union. Thus accelerating time until physical union occurs through the law of attraction!
1) Same energy and State
2) Amplified weaknesses/insecurities  (weaknesses come up that you thought you had worked through long time ago)
3) Brings you closer to god/spiritual awakening
4) Instant recognition
5) Feeling of home/safety/ecstasy
6) Unexpected encounter
7) Feeling of already knowing the person/feeling of already having met
8) From first meeting your TF your life changes (catalyst of change)
9) Something special that you cant put your finger on
10) You easily know what that person’s thinking and feeling and trying to say
11) Unusual/strange experiences (visions/dreams/daydreams/feelings/insights)
12) No matter what you do, the TF stays. TF is with you energetically. And comes back if you let her go/ try to forget about her.
13) Amplified strengths/heightened psychic abilities/you are a great team
14) Your TF can surprise you and is unpredictable in many ways
15) You can’t manipulate/control your TF
16) Similar values/visions/dreams
17) TF appeals to your grown up & mature self
18) Your TF motivates you and makes you want to improve and grow
19) Your TF helps you into your purpose (that you are ultimately sharing)
20) Pictures of your TF are very intense, you can see your own soul expressed in them and reflected back to you and you can also sense her mood in every picture easily.
21) Eyes…eye contact…awesome 🙂
22) Makes your old/matrix self fall away
23) Your TF can heal and soothe you like no one else
24) You feel very much respect for your twin and your twin is extremely precious to you.
25) Deep and meaningful conversations (you don’t talk about superficial things)
Thanks for reading
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Now is the time for us all to participate and become more active
Much love from Germany



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  1. Spiritous

    Idk who to turn to. It’s been 15 YEARS and I just feel so ashamed in some ways bc I’ve been in a happy marriage for 14 of those years but I just can’t forget my ex. We ended on a very bad note. I was so scared of the feels I felt with him. It was just so intense and I had a lot of trauma and baggage that made me run from the relationship twice. I think he’s my tf because I’ve actually dreamt of him, and feel him hold me at night sometimes, in the special was only he did, even after all these years. What’s more, when I try to let go of him I’ll see his name on tv, or I’ll see something that reminds me of him. I’ve done cord cutting and I’ve even done astral spells asking him not to contact me in my dreams anymore. I moved to a new location and he is the delivery guy at my new house. I got a membership at a campground and he goes to the same one even though there are literally 15 in a 45 mile vacinity. I even run into his baby mama at different times through out the last 2 years. The first time was out hiking and my dog went running up to his daughter who was walking with the baby mama on a trail. My dog doesn’t ever do that! Idk if the lady even knew who I was. Another time was just this October I literally almost ran into the baby mama at a corn maze and we live 30 miles away from each other! Idk what to do. It drives me nuts. I’ve gotten so desperate for resolution that I’ve even considered reaching out to him on social media but he has me blocked (I’m only on Facebook so I haven’t tried other ways). I wish there was a fairy godmother that could help me heal this. People make tf seem so magical but for me it’s almost torturous bc I know I can’t have him for the sake of my marriage and I don’t know if he’s even thinking of me still bc we’ve been no contact for as long as we’ve been apart. I know he’s spoken of me thru mutual distant friends but I’m always too scared to ask anything about him other than how he’s doing.

    1. Fabian

      No need to feel ashamed! Your desire for your Twin Flame is natural. You can book a session with me where I’d love to help you feel good right now about your situation, and show you easy steps on how to move forward.

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