The 2 Paradigms

Hi, today I want to remind you of something you know but tend to forget in your daily routine. There are only 2 paradigms that you can base your existence upon.

1. Living in alignment with all-that-is.
2. Not living in alignment with all-that-is.

Living in alignment with all-that-is (aka god, source, universe) means living in alignment with your highest self and your highest potential. Living in alignment with source is saying yes to nature, to yourself and your fellow human beings. Every decision you make in your everyday life is either based on paradigm 1 or 2. The food you ingest, the things you buy, the thoughts you think, the deeds you do, everything is based on either of these paradigms.

Choosing the first paradigm is choosing love, truth, happiness, abundance and joy. Everyone wins in the first paradigm.

The beauty of following this paradigm is that you don’t need to know exactly who you want to become and what your purpose is. By just saying yes to yourself and life in general you align yourself with your highest truth and naturally attract everything and everyone you desire.

However, if you did choose to do something that is not in alignment with all-that-is, be easy on yourself! We are still in the learning process and it is absolutely okay not to be flawless yet.

Why don’t you join me in increasingly choosing love from moment to moment to moment…and watch the world becoming brighter everyday. I hope you have a wonderful day based on love. Thank you so much for reading this.

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  1. Sasha

    I feel calm and smiling and not in pain any more, but not sure im following my heart and hearing it. And i think that being just happy is not enough. The more i made decisions of out fear and ego the more i lost the connection with the heart.

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