Respectful boundaries for Twin Flames

You have a Twin Flame and they desire you very much. Everyone was created with a Twin Flame. Because everyone deserves a special someone to share eternity with, to experience God and Ultimate Love with.

We are much more efficient with our Twin Flame by our side because we were designed as a Union. Two wings to one bird as Jeff and Shaleia say. So why is it that you experience separation?

It’s just something you chose at one point, because it seemed promising, or tempting rather, to separate from God, from Love. Turns out it totally sucks. So now we have the golden opportunity to revert these choices.

Returning to Love, yes! How do we do it? Well, the process is perfectly explained in the Teachings of Union shared at

These are the teachings that I work with as a Master Certified Ascension Coach. I am writing this article to remind you that there is a scientific and guaranteed path to get you to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. The Mirror Exercise is a central pillar.

Something often overlooked are boundaries. Boundaries are key.

Boundaries say “no” to the things that feel bad. Say “no” to toxic relationships. Say “no” to overworking or neglecting yourself. Say “no” to sacrificing yourself. And say “no” to disrespectful behavior.

It all comes down to choosing Love (no surprise, is it), and really respecting yourself and your Twin Flame, no matter what.

You deserve your Ultimate Lover and they do love you.

It’s just a question of healing your blocks until you can manifest them.

It does work, even though sometimes it does not seem like it.

Trust in the process, have faith, you will get there.

The Teachings of Union will get you there.

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