Overcoming Resistance: A Tarot Reading for our Twin Flame Collective on Embracing Love and Healing

Dear Twin Flame Collective Consciousness,

As we gather to explore the guidance of Tarot, we seek insights into the unfolding journey for the Twin Flame Collective. The focus is on facing resistance, making choices, and finding healing and love in surrender.

Card 1: The Devil (Reversed)

The first card, The Devil reversed, suggests a struggle to let go of old behaviors or fears that are holding the collective back. There’s a significant resistance to releasing these patterns, which might cause a stagnation in the growth of the Twin Flame connections. However, acknowledging these bindings presents a choice—continue in the old ways or break free to allow a deeper connection and understanding to blossom between Twin Flames.

Card 2: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man card indicates a pause or a need for reflection. It’s about seeing things from a new perspective, which might initially feel uncomfortable or forced. This card invites the collective to let go of control and trust the process, indicating that surrendering to love and acceptance is a vital step towards healing and moving forward. Overcoming the resistance and embracing a new viewpoint will help in overcoming the challenges faced.

Card 3: The Sun

The Sun card is a positive indication of healing, clarity, and joy that comes after facing and overcoming the previous challenges. After the inner work and surrender, there’s a period of warmth, understanding, and harmony awaiting the Twin Flame Collective. This card suggests a bright future and a stronger bond between Twin Flames following the period of reflection and change.


The Tarot suggests a journey from resistance to surrender for the Twin Flame Collective. By facing fears, choosing to let go of old patterns, and embracing love and trust, there’s a strong potential for healing, growth, and a deeper bond between Twin Flames. It emphasizes making choices rooted in love and trust to move towards a harmonious union.

The upcoming period might be challenging, but with a focus on love, acceptance, and making positive choices, there’s a lot of growth and deeper understanding awaiting the Twin Flame Collective.

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