Is your Twin Flame not available for you?

This article is for you if you can identify with (its title and) the energy of the statements:

“My twin flame is not available to me that much”
“OMG, my twin flame was online, read my message, but didn’t respond…”
Let’s elaborate why this might be so:
Please remember that your twin flame is YOU.
You are ONE with your twin 
YOU are always connected!
You can tune into your sacred heart space
and meet your beloved there anytime you desire.
I find it to be very healing to connect
with my twin’s energy in this way.
The separation you might be experiencing
between you (two) is not based on truth
and/however it servers as an instrument for healing.
Your twin is your best mirror as you know.
Your twin flame not being available to you in the
way you’d want to, is testing your level of 
The fact that your twin is triggering you emotionally 
by not responding is showing you that you are
still a little bit in ‘control mode’.
Control is based on fear and ego.
Wanting to control things is like saying to God:
“Hey God, you know what, I am not trusting you completely yet.
Please don’t bring me my nice gifts & presents, that you have for me.
Just give me a l i t t l e bit….. but don’t give me the best present in the
whole omniverse (my twin flame!)”
In truth we all want our greatest gifts, don’t we?
You align with your greatest gifts and your twin flame by surrendering completely.
Let Go..of all control. It’ s safe to Let go of all control, because creator loves you and cares for you.
…(also) Let go of your twin. Take the pressure off…
honor yourself first.
Give your twin space. Space where he or she can realize that you are a pretty cool person and that there is something special about you.
Give space so that your twin can realize that you are the person that he or she is looking for (all day.)
You are the answer to the longing in your twin flame’s heart
that only grows stronger!
But you gotta give space and focus on yourself.
Give space & surrender – without expectations and conditions.
Thank you very much for reading.
Much love from Germany,



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