Video Games teach us Reality. (1/2)

The structure of our reality can be explained with a video game analogy and even if it might not be applicable for a 100%, it is in my opinion still very appropriate and it is helpful to gain a better understanding of the structure of your reality. So in order to understand this analogy, it is required that you have some experiences with a video game. You have very likely played a video game for at least a little while in your life. Maybe it was Grand Theft Auto, Pokémon or The Sims. Whatever you’ve played, it is very common that you play these games from the point of view of a certain character and you can move this character from A to B in the virtual world and interact with other virtual characters. If you are playing an online video game you can even interact with „real characters“. In these games, there are certain objectives to accomplish called quests or missions and you can either choose to fulfill these missions or just roam around the world on your own. Nevertheless, you only make progress in the game when you face the things, aka the missions that need to be done. You can fulfill main quests or side quests or just waste your time.

In my opinion, this is a big match with the „real“ world we are living in as humans beings. As a human being, you only have one goal, it’s getting closer to God, it’s returning home to love and truth and everlasting joy. This goal goes hand in hand with getting closer to your divine self and helping your brothers and sisters to fulfill their goal. From this point of view, we are in this game called the human experience together. We all want to return home now to the loving embrace of our heavenly father. This is our only goal, only function, and only purpose and we are a big team. In which ways do you want to support your brothers and sisters? Where are you limiting and distracting yourself? Forget about the side quests and focus on the main quest!

That’s what give you joy. That’s what gives you your twin flame. That’s what give you everything you desire. No more playing games now. No more procrastination. No more distraction. These days are over.

Now is the time to give 100% every day, to choose love daily, because you deserve it. Your brothers and sisters deserve this. Your twin flame deserves this.

God loves you and so do I.

Do you love yourself?

It’s a choice. Make it.


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