Should I go for a Soul Mate or my true Twin Flame?

“TFs are sooo much work, screw it, I should just go for a Soul Mate. I have thousands of soul mates”

Main Problem (Belief) in Consciousness: Being with your Twin Flame is painful, they reject you, they treat you like shit, they piss you off… I don’t need that BS. I don’t need that negativity in my life.
So many are settling for a Soul Mate.
Many people that think they are with a Soul Mate aren’t with a Soul Mate, they are just with a Person. Potentially every person is your Soul Mate. What makes a person your Soul Mate is being in harmony with them, that’s the true definition of a Soul Mate!

Big difference between that and your divine complement, the person that was designed for you, who you live as one with eternally.

You are designed to be with your Twin Flame. (And your Soul Mates are designed to be with their own twin flames accordingly). You are not designed to be with your Soul Mates.

You are mistaken if you think that being with a Soul Mate is easier than being with your Twin Flame. It’s not easier to be with a Soul Mate than being with your Twin Flame.

People who think that they don’t want their twin flame are lying, because you are designed to desire your twin flame. You are already one, you were created together.

The purpose of your twin flame union is to be together. The purpose of your twin flame is that you have an eternal companion because that was the desire that was coming out of God’s children (and it was the desire that God had).

We see the truth of twin flames everywhere – in our mythology, in our stories, in our movies, deep down inside our hearts, we KNOW that there is someone that is designed perfectly for us and that loves us perfectly and we love them perfectly.

One of the reasons why people don’t choose their twin flame is because they are not willing to do the spiritual work that is required in order to attain harmonious union with your Twin Flame.

What the Twin Flame is, is a mirror, and what that Twin is mirroring can be some pretty painful stuff. It’s our deepest triggers and our darkest traumas and things that we are trying to keep buried but they are really coming to the surface to be released and to be healed, so that the light can be there, which is your natural state of being.

If you are really smart you can use your twin as a spiritual catalyst for your own healing and your growth and to remember who you are and to remember your wholeness and divinity and expand all these things.

Shaleia: “When you need a soul mate relationship or non-soul-mate relationship just to get you to the point where you are open and accepting and willing to have your twin flame that’s fine. I had soulmate/non-soul-mate relationships before I met my twin flame and they felt good, they felt appropriate at that time, because it was leading me to my ultimate goal, which is my twin flame union. I was just following this twin flame frequency in my heart. And look where I ended up, I am in my harmonious union. I love it. I can’t imagine my world or my reality without my twin flame. It makes no sense. I wouldn’t want that life. That life is not for me. And truly that life is not for you, too, because you are designed to be with your twin flame. You are designed to desire your twin flame. And your reunion is inevitable which is your healing. Don’t deny yourself your twin flame union. And don’t think that you don’t desire your twin flame union because in spiritual truth you do and you always will. You’re free with your twin flame.”


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