Embrace Your Twin Flame Journey: Stop Leaking Energy, Start Moving Forward

Are you sitting in fear, immobilized, and constantly feeding ego? This may have been a core block in your Twin Flame journey, leaking your energy incessantly and stalling your progress. If that’s the case, you’ve been mired in frustration, unable to move forward because you’ve let your divine gifts trickle away. Today, I invite you to commit to change. Make it today, not tomorrow, and see the healing start to unfold.

Have you been receiving Ascension Coaching sessions or applied your personal inner work? Then you’ve been fortunate to receive spiritual gifts as a result. But what happens when you squander them away? You become stuck, unable to advance on your path. It’s not just about receiving; it’s about the crucial role of retaining and utilizing what you receive. You are a vessel for divine energy; don’t allow yourself to become a sieve.

Remember this essential truth: Don’t give others the gifts God gave you for you, but rather, share the gifts that come through you specifically for them. This approach ensures that you are distributing energy appropriately, in a way that aligns with divine intent and your soul’s purpose.

Your energy leaks have been holding you back, slowing down your journey to the point of stagnation. Is it not time to ask yourself, ‘where should I increase my efforts, and where should I heal?’

In your interactions with others, are they truly seeking your help, or merely attempting to ‘suck your energy’? Discerning between the two is essential to stop leaking energy needlessly and start channeling it effectively.

Remember, sitting in fear is not an option. It’s time to stem the flow of wasted energy, embrace your divine gifts, and surge forward on your Twin Flame journey. Start now, commit to your healing, and witness your transformation.

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