Appreciating Your Journey: Lessons from Ascension Coaching

In my latest Ascension Coaching session with the brilliant Laurentiu & Alexandra, I was reminded of a powerful truth – the significance of appreciation on the twin flame journey. We dove deep into the essence of success, appreciation, and their profound impact on our growth and ascension.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget the importance of society and the connections we share with others. We are urged to remember that our individual success is intertwined with the success of others around us. We are not separate but interconnected beings. The triumphs of our peers are our victories too, just as their challenges are ours to share and overcome together. This sense of oneness helps us navigate through life not as isolated entities but as part of a collective whole.

However, this connection extends beyond our relationship with society. It involves an intimate relationship with ourselves and our feelings. We must understand that we are fully capable of diving deep into our emotions and uncovering our true desires. We often question if we are headed in the right direction, but it is through understanding and honoring our feelings that we can gain clarity.

In our quest for success, we tend to overlook our achievements, forgetting that success comes in all sizes. Whether it’s winning a Hearthstone match, receiving a heartfelt message, or landing a good job, each victory, no matter how small, should be celebrated and appreciated. Appreciation is not just about acknowledging what we have achieved, but also about recognizing and honoring the journey we have undertaken to reach this point.

Indifference, the antithesis of appreciation, must be let go of. It creates a lack mentality, which is not conducive to our growth or the journey to our Twin Flame. We often yearn for grand successes, like a million-dollar win. However, when a smaller victory, like a $10,000 reward, comes our way, we tend to disregard it, believing it to be insignificant in comparison. But every achievement, no matter the scale, is a step towards our dreams.

So, here’s your homework: Learn to appreciate everything, big or small. Embrace each success as a stepping stone towards your dream. Understand that appreciation is not a destination but a journey. It’s a practice that requires consistent effort. As you learn to appreciate your achievements, you will find yourself cultivating a mindset of abundance rather than lack.

Remember, you don’t have to live life as others do. Your journey is your own, and your success is defined by you, not by societal standards. But to truly grow and ascend, you must first learn to appreciate yourself and your achievements.

This journey is not just about reaching your Twin Flame. It’s about self-discovery, personal growth, and learning to value and appreciate your journey. So, take a moment to appreciate yourself and all that you have achieved. After all, your success story is just beginning.

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