God on Trust – Channeled Message

I Am God, your creator. Believing in me is trust. Trusting me is believing in me. Trust me, you can believe me. I have your best interest in mind and in heart. Since there is no separation between you and me we truly are one from another point of view. 
You chose to limit your point of view in order to experience my vastness and beauty from a new perspective. Trust is acknowledging the fact that we truly are one, because by pursuing my highest interests I am pursuing your highest interests as well. In truth I am not separated from anything. All my children are connected to me and so are you. God is the highest interest of everything there is. Feel this truth in your sacred heart now, my child.
We are one and I am there for you. You can give yourself to me completely and I will nourish you. I fulfill your every desire and guide you to your truth. Believing in me is the absence of negativity and fear. With me by your side everything is possible and it goes even beyond that. I embrace you in my love and protection, feel my nourishing light flowing into every cell of your being.
Feel refreshed now my child and live your life from this centered state of clarity. Live your life trusting me and feel everything lighten up in my soft embrace. Trust me, I got your back.

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