Unveiling the Path to Your Twin Flame Union

In our spiritual journey towards our Twin Flame union, it’s important to honor every part of the journey, valuing surface healing as much as deep healing. By prioritizing our real, authentic experiences, we cultivate self-respect and promote personal growth.

Disregarding our experiences or trying to skip through them amounts to not honoring ourselves, a form of spiritual bypassing. Often, in our eagerness to reach our Harmonious Twin Flame Union (HTFU), we might overlook or underestimate surface feelings. It’s essential to remember that these feelings are integral to our healing. They are not trivial; they are your checkpoints. Addressing them leads to a complete resolution of feelings and relief. Ignoring them, conversely, can result in a feeling of incomplete healing.

Amidst this journey, it’s important to realize our roles in this cosmic play. Just as a church is an amalgamation of its believers, the energy that binds us all is a part of us, and we are a part of it. We must also remember that everyone, from “normal” individuals to Ascended Masters, plays a unique role in our collective path towards Ascension.

An essential aspect of our spiritual growth is learning to identify what tasks are truly ours to undertake and which ones should be passed on to others. If you feel a constant drain, it could point to a resource allocation issue. This feeling of being taken from might be a manifestation of ego, masking as a poverty consciousness. Ask yourself: “Is what I’m doing aligned with what the Divine wants for me?”

Being aware of your feelings is a crucial exercise. Take time to reflect and check in with yourself, express your feelings openly, and most importantly, address those feelings you have been skipping over. This mindfulness will help you identify core doubts that need healing.

Remember, every day offers an opportunity to choose HTFU and to delve deeper into the journey of Ascension. Jeff and Shaleia have paved the way with the Teaching of Union. The path to your Twin Flame Union is within your reach. Relax, release control, and be present with your Union within. Your outward manifestation is guided by your inner alignment, so cherish every step along the way.

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