Where are you at on your Twin Flame Journey?

Hey folk. From time to time it is appropriate and golden to take a step back and reflect on where you are at on your Twin Flame Journey. That is helping you since it gives you an idea on what is working, what has been working, and where you are standing right now. From there it is easy to gain clarity towards the next steps, and attain maximum efficiency on your Twin Flame Journey.

Let’s use this time wisely and have a look together. When you are honest with yourself, and relax for a moment, where are you on your Twin Flame Journey? Let the thoughts of the day go for a brief moment, ground yourself in this now moment, arrive in this lesson and inner connection. Whatever is important to you, does never leave you, nor does it abandon you.

How do you feel in your Heart right now? What’s in there? Maybe there is a lot going on still, and maybe it is already calming down and you are finding peace there again. Give yourself space, and take a deep breath to give yourself permission to see the truth for your Twin Flame Journey.

We are now releasing any ideas of Twin Flame Rivalry. Your Twin Flame is not your Rival. Your Twin Flame is your best friend (other than God, duh). Maybe there is an uncomfortable feeling still between you and you feel like looking away from it. Yet you know, progress is only made by going through this feeling, so choosing to feel it, you immediately feel better and relieved.

Returning to your core desire, you are realizing how much you are in love with the idea of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. And it is not just the idea, you are actually in love with your Twin Flame. This love you are feeling is unconditional love. It’s wonderful, I know. Going deeper than that, you might become aware of something that’s still there and that doesn’t feel so good.

What is it? For me it is the idea that there is something about communication and our connection that hurts. I hear a part of me saying “It has hurt in the past and I don’t trust you. I’m afraid it will happen again.” Time for a classic Mirror Exercise. What does this part of you need? Give it all the LOVE it needs. Until it feels peaceful and well again.

This was a big chunk for me to heal with you. I am wrapping it up here for now by reaffirming “I choose to continue my path towards my Perfect Relationship with my True Twin Flame now.”

Until next time.


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