Twin Flames during the Dark Night of the Soul Cheer up Post

We all know these days. Days of bad feelings. You know, there are feelings so wonderful. Then there are mildly inconvenient bad feelings. Yet sometimes, real icky stuff comes up. Or it won’t come up and just sits there. No problem though, because healing is possible.

This article is not about the bad feelings, it’s just saying it’s okay to have these. And then, don’t hide your process. Don’t hide these feelings. Be present with them as you go through your day. Don’t separate yourself from life or others, you can remain present with that icky feeling (to the best of your ability) as you live life.

In all of that, have compassion for yourself and accept yourself for having this experience. Vulnerability is absolutely powerful. It’s not weak as some believe. The world does not know how to deal with bad feelings yet, but you know. It’s in feeling them that they pass, and they will.

We have a tendency on this planet to run away from all the bad feeling stuff and avoid it. Being able to stay in your feelings, the icky ones, even in front of others is very powerful. Don’t get stuck in feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness, etc.

I know these feelings from my journey. I am still healing Twin Flame separation. Not always nice. Sometimes I think “I have that feeling in me, but I don’t want to admit it or even say it out loud because I feel ashamed or fearful of it.” Truth is, owning up to it is key.

You are not judged in realizing these places in your mind. This is the way to actually heal.

Just move through it. Don’t sit in it. Choose to move through it.

And then the Sun will shine again for you. Even if it absolutely does not seem like it in the height of it all.

You got this.

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