The Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading is a highly flexible Reading that offers you all the information that the Divine would like you to know at the moment of the Reading. Fabian pulls 3-5 Oracle Cards from various decks (intuitively chosen) and gives you the exact message that your Higher Self wants to tell you. Applying the information from the Reading will always result in a greater quality of life, more joy, and happiness.

Your Higher Self and God are ceaselessly guiding you towards the manifestation of your personal heaven on earth and the fulfillment of your desires. The Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading is a great and powerful tool to receive crystal clear guidance from the Divine. Following your divine guidance is the most enjoyable path into harmonious union with your Twin Flame.

When I read your message, I felt the liquid quality of your energy, how you are so receptive, so trusting, and so open to listening to the messages of Spirit. I see your heart glowing. True compassion and this is where the accuracy of your readings lie. I feel it too in my heart. Your message was so comforting. You are able to tell me truths about my situation in a way that is non-threatening and so compassionate! I hope many people find you because you truly are speaking from the Soul.”


Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading 50€ (~55$).

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Below is an example of one client’s Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading shared with permission.

Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading

Deck: The Psychic Tarot by John Holland

New Beginnings are on the horizon for you. The work you have done in the past months is starting to pay off now. Congratulations. You are entering a new phase in your life. This phase goes hand in hand with a deeper sense of harmony and peace with yourself, your Twin Flame and the Universe. Focus on the great possibilities that lie ahead instead of being concerned with worst-case scenarios. Everything is safe. Your steps are guided. Relax in the knowing that love prevails. Connect with the energy of the light at the end of the tunnel. Realize that the tunnel itself is a lie.

Crown Chakra. You are a very gifted divine channel. Your ability to communicate with the divine is much better than you might realize. It is very natural for you to be in tune with your higher self. With this connection, it is easy for you to help others on their spiritual journey. Sharing this gift of yours feels very good. Now is a great time to deepen your mindfulness practice and to calm your thoughts. Then you can perceive your inner divine voice clearer. Actively find communion with God daily. You are invited to realize the oneness with every being. Melt with every person in your life in the sense that you are all equally beautiful and spiritually perfect.

Disruption. You are feeling pressured at times. This pressure is the result of thinking too much. Over-analyzing the events and situations in your life & being too much in the head cause a disruption of the natural flow of love. You feel judged by other people and thus do not express your true self in order to protect yourself. You have high expectations coming from yourself and your environment. However, it is safe to be true to yourself and it is safe to show yourself: ‚this is me and I love myself’- remember that you are calling in a great amount of love and that you are now building the foundation. Sharing your gifts and helping other people through direct communication is a big part of this foundation. Focus in the here and now; take only one step at a time. The happy end is assured and inevitable. Realize that this is all about love. Love your clients, love your business and love yourself. This is the key to joy, abundance and your harmonious twin flame union.

It is easy to feel trapped in fear at times. This is an old habit that you are now transcending. A retraining of your thinking is required to release this habit. You are loved and supported at all times. Everything is always taken care of for you. Take inspired action by following your divine intuition. Honor your inner voice of love. Love never fails & love never hurts. If it hurts it is not true love. If it is not true love, it is not real. Only love is real. The beauty and abundance of heaven are yours. Your perfect and harmonious twin flame union is yours. You are an eternal, powerful and indestructible being created by God in his own image. No power can stop you from having your perfect life right now. Only you can choose to buy into the illusion of separation and negativity. This Oracle Card is telling you to transcend all of your negative habits and realize that only love is real. Your lesson here is to no longer listen to the voice that tells stories about hate and fear. Your lesson is to only listen to your divine voice that is your gift to heal yourself and many others. This is your purpose and your Twin Flame wants to share that purpose with you as soon as possible. Choose union with God and your Twin Flame daily and watch miracles unfold.

Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading 50€ (~55$).

Please contact Fabian now for your personal Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading.