In your Twin Flame Oracle Cards Reading, you receive clarity about your current relationship between you and your Twin Flame, experience deep healing, and feel the love that connects you and your perfect person. Fabian chooses the perfect oracle cards deck intuitively for you, pulls 3 cards, and channels divine messages for each card uniquely for you.

Twin Flame Oracle Cards Readings are available for only $77,- (via PayPal)

” I loved receiving my Twin Flame Oracle Cards Reading from Fabian. The Current Situation, Action Step and Outcome cards, written specifically for me, were perfect and just what I needed to soften my heart and take the next steps on my journey. I had been feeling stuck and ungrounded, and the first card’s message really invited me to co-create with God. The second card was all about seeing through the illusion and lightening up on the journey, which was so helpful. The last card really helped me surrender and release control. The entire reading was peaceful and just what i needed to attain a deeper level of harmony within myself. Thank you, Fabian!” -Leesie

The first card and message provide you with clarity about your current situation and enable you to see which challenges and energies are currently present in your Twin Flame relationship.

Clear and guided action steps you will receive through the second card and message. Here you will read about specific steps that you can take easily so that you can experience your Twin Flame love deeper and purer permanently.

In the third card and message, you learn about the outcome: What is going to happen if you pursue this path? What is to be expected when you take the recommended action steps? What is on the horizon for you and your Twin Flame?

Example Reading from a client shared with their permission:

Current Situation

Start here and now from a clean slate. You are a powerful co-creator in God. With a watchful eye, you are balancing all areas in your reality. In your heart, you can cultivate this feeling of “I am feeling powerful, peaceful, and grounded.” From this place, you may direct your attention to the areas within and without that are calling for love. You remain present with them until they shift. You know when they truly shifted to a vibration of love. Do you feel God’s power moving through you as you are commanding and serving His love? Take a step back and see that you are co-creating your reality with your Twin Flame as one unit.

Action Step

This card is about seeing reality as it is. You may be able to perceive a reality of perceived blocks and challenges to master. Allow yourself to see through this thin layer of illusion to connect with the energy of truth and effortless abundance which provides clarity and relief. Behind all appearances what is it that you are truly desiring at the core? What is it that is (or would be) truly fulfilling ​right now​? Is there something preventing you from experiencing perfection ​here​? Trace it back to the inner place that requires attention. As you claim your power you allow God to heal you deeply in these places within. You can feel how when you allow God heals you there.


By being obedient to God’s word you are being lifted to this next level of loving in your life. In the process, you are releasing control, old beliefs, and habits. As a result of this surrender, you arrive at a deeper knowing that is a place of effortless and instant communication with the Divine. This card also suggests the time for grounding and self-care, and to say “no” to anyone or anything that exhausts you. Total freedom is here for you. By your faith, surrender, focus, choice, and dedication you shall have it.

Twin Flame Oracle Cards Readings are available for only $77,- (via PayPal)

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