Painful days?

I know, some days can be tough and challenging. We are living in are very dense world with a lot of contrasts and chaos. When in pain, be quiet for a moment and move into your sacred heart space. Here, in your heart, you will find the safety and comfort you are looking for. Feel your connection to this safety, to the eye of the storm. Here you are at home. It’s your true home. God is with you in your true home. Whenever you like you can meet him here. He’ll always be here with you.

Visualize energy of love streaming from your heart center to the rest of your body, filling you up with love completely. Know that it is okay to not be happy all the time since we are transitioning from a very dark age to the new Golden Age that we are co-creating together. Being in pain and feeling confused at times is part of the healing process. Give yourself special attention in these demanding times and be very loving with yourself.

We are going to heal the illusion collectively and increase the global amount of love step by step.

Happy transition 😉

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