Make yourself feel better by writing, expressing, and healing

You can write texts like these if you want to help yourself feel better from wherever you are feeling wise.

I know this is so, because I am doing it now, and I’ve done it before. It’s just the simple process of the Mirror Exercise as Jeff and Shaleia are teaching it.

And so let’s take a moment to heal ourselves, by just accepting us completely.

I choose to accept myself, and my situation completely now. Do you choose this for yourself, too? 🙂

I choose to feel my feelings now.

I choose to accept my feelings.

I now express how I’m feeling.

I’m not feeling well. I feel awful. I’m feeling exhausted. I’m feeling overwhelmed and not equipped or supported enough.

And here I’ve identified the part within me that needs healing, attention, and love.

I’m asking myself here, what do I need here in order to feel better?

I understand you.

I listen to you.

I surrender to the love and the healing that is here for me. I choose to invite love into my being and into this part of mine that feels exhausted and unsupported.

I choose to love myself here, and to feel God loving me here.

I choose to let go of internal war and conflict. And I choose peace instead.

I am powerful because I am one with Power. I demand love into my being here now.

What else do I need here?

More time, space, and love.

And so I receive just that.

I give myself permission to feel and to heal.

I love myself unconditionally. I feel proud of myself.

I invite calmness into my very being now.
My lifeforce and power are returning. I’m feeling more balanced now.
That’s how powerful I am. I want to feel even better.

What else would I like?

I’m still feeling a bit powerless and frustrated.

I give myself reassurance and safety.

I choose to release tension and stress out of my mind and body. I choose to invite clarity and balance into my energy centers and bodies. I invite angelic and divine assistance.

My perfect state is restored. I acknowledge it.

If I wanted to feel even better, I could read this text once more. If you’d like me to help you feel even better and work this process together, feel free to learn more about my services at


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