Life Purpose Reports for Increased Abundance, Clarity, and Success are now available. Find great Joy in knowing exactly what to do and which steps to take to increase your Abundance – inside and outside. Feel good and joyful through our powerful ‘Focus Wheel’ – included in your report – that lifts you from where you are right now to where you desire and deserve to be. Last but not least, you are receiving a very personal channeled message from God for you to give you exactly what you need in your life to feel good and clear in your life’s purpose.

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Life Purpose Report for Cornelia H.
Steps for Increased Abundance, Clarity, and Success

Find joy in your everyday tasks and experience the bliss that comes from sharing Love in small or big ways. Focus your attention on embodying God’s Love for you by openly receiving it without resistance or control. By God’s Love and peace moving through you freely, you are naturally sharing Love through every thought, feeling, and action. You will do well when you are a portal for God’s Love in this way by simply experiencing it inside. And Expressing it wherever it wants to be expressed uninhibited fills you with even more joy that you can share with God’s wonderful children. As a dynamo for God’s Love and bringing God with you wherever you are,  you are sharing it in small, casual, and official (as in being a teacher) ways.

Focus wheel to clear all current Life Purpose Blocks

I am happily and eternally serving Love with my full power, dedication, and purpose. I am complete and perfect. I am refreshed and fully rested. I am nurturing my body and soul so that I am feeling good in my skin and mind. Now I am choosing to see beyond what is around me. I am beginning to see the bigger picture. I know that there is something beautiful right in front of me that expands my peace. I am openly surrendering to God here. Now I can receive the guidance that is here for me, and I see clearly what is ahead: Serving God professionally. I am seeing it clearly and receiving it gratefully now.

Channeled Guidance from God

My Child, can you not feel the joy in your heart that is increasing with every loving thought and deed? My love for you is endless and so what I am sharing with you is endless and perfect and right for you at any given moment. Expressing me directly and sharing your experiences with me is enabling you into even greater and more exquisite ways of service to me, my beloved Child.

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