Healing Sickness on your Spiritual Path

As we learn in A Course In Miracles, sickness is a defense against Truth, whereas Health comes from Truth. You might be feeling sickish on your spiritual journey, at times. There is a way out of that sickish feeling and it lies in uprooting the resistance to Love. In other words, when you are expanding your reality so that it is increasingly reflecting more love, blocks come to the surface for healing.

Resistance to deeper levels of love can show up as a sickness. By allowing love into that place, and by choosing to release resistance to that deeper level of love in your life, the root of the sickness is resolved, and you will immediately feel relieved. Then, the Truth can shine prominently once again, and you can experience deeper levels of love in your life sustainably and permanently.

  1. Identify that part within yourself that feels resistant and / or sickish.
  2. Ask that part internally what it needs from you in order to feel safe and loved.
  3. Give it all it needs, until it feels peaceful and good!
  4. Voilá, you have healed yourself.

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