God on Ascension – Channeled Message

I Am God, your creator. I am with you in this moment. I am with you in every moment. We are never separated from each other. You can in your lower consciousness, however, create the impression as if we are separate. This would be an illusion. And so is the process of ascension a pure illusion since it presumes a state which does not exist. 
The experience is what matters here of course and the experience is real. The experience is what this is about. So you unlearn now step by step your mind programming, beliefs and conditionings. You burn everything unreal off your pathways and reconnect with your TRUE home. I am your true home and I am awaiting your return with a thrill of anticipation, my son. I am ready to enfold you in my arms. This process can be called ascension. 
It is the reconnection with the source, the truth and the unlearning of the untruth! It is the reconnection with your truth. So you step evermore into your own truth and into the truth of your soul as part of the ascension process. And this is why you are asking yourself a wonderful question:”God, how can I serve you?” My son, you serve me by being yourself completely!
Be how I created you. Innocent, curious and full of pleasant anticipation with a big drive for exploration and wonder. First bring this lightness into your own being and then into the world. Now cultivate your original condition, bring it into the world and share it with my other children. I Am God and I love you. Amen.

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