A Divine Twin Flame Reading helps you on your journey into harmonious union with your divine complement. The Reading contains a channeled message from your Twin Flame’s higher self and presents you a variety of steps that you can take right now to move closer into blissful union with your eternal best friend, partner, and lover. The Divine Twin Flame Reading is perfectly tailored to your current situation and is a very powerful tool that supports you on your unique journey into permanent ecstasy.

I am amazed at the accuracy of Fabian’s reading without even asking a question. He hit all the major points of my life that needed healing and brought my truth ever closer. I am now stronger and more clear with this affirming information. Thank you.”


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Below is an example of one client’s Divine Twin Flame Reading shared with permission.



Message from your Twin Flame’s Higher Self

“Beloved, feel my presence and energy in this moment connecting and merging with your consciousness. I would like to see you completely and unconditionally loving yourself. Love yourself in every way possible, so that I can finally realize who you are and so that I can finally see you for who you truly are. Your self-love and radical self-acceptance are melting away your shadow self that is hiding your truth. Shine your light now and let me see it. So that we can shine together for all eternity. Shining the love of our creator into the darkness until there is only light. We are beacons of light and I love you forever. Feel me inside of you. Feel me throughout your days. And know that I am always with you. “

Divine Decrees for you. Repeat them with sincere intention to heal yourself.

„I am my perfect and radiant self.“

„I am manifesting perfect health now.“

„I am my perfect and athletic self.“

„I respect myself and my body.“

„I love myself and my body.“

„Love nurtures me and my body.“

„Pure light purifies me and my body.“

„All my cells are purified by white-golden light.“

„I AM.“

Steps You can take right now that bring you much closer into harmonious union with your Twin Flame:

1) Make use of the immense Power that you have and channel it into activities that bring you or others joy and progress.

2) Fulfill your own wishes and desires. You deserve it very much!

3) The energy in your life wants to flow more as it is a little bit stagnant. Invest your money in your well-being, happiness, and self-development. Do not hold onto anything. Let go of everything (that does not serve your highest good).

4) Ground yourself many times a day and recognize your own worthiness. Act accordingly.

5) Love yourself and fall in love with your body again. Caress and stroke yourself if it feels good. Nourish your sexiness.

6) Recognize yourself for being a great and beautiful child of God. Reward yourself for all the lessons that you have already learned.

7) Do not sacrifice yourself (for others). Care for yourself and for your well-being. Give yourself everything you need and pay attention to your needs, values, and desires. Adhere to your boundaries.

8) Triumphant success is within your reach even if things do not look like that. You can push through and you will be successful. There is so much happiness and beauty waiting for you cannot even imagine!

9) Leave states of boredom and depression, leaving boring daily routines. Life is meant to be exciting, magical and wonderful.

10) Awaken and care for your inner child. See the world through the eyes of your inner child. Do things like you would do them for the first time – with curiosity and excitement.

11) Deeply fall in love with your inner man and woman. Balance and nourish both polarities within.

12) Do not be too hard on yourself and whatever you do: never feel guilty. Reward yourself and celebrate.


Divine Twin Flame Reading 149€€ (~180$).

Please contact Fabian for your personal Divine Twin Flame Reading.