Develop a Divine Friendship with yourself! :)

The Divine would like you to forget who you think you are in order to find your true self again. Today is a wonderful day to get to know your true self and to deepen the friendship with yourself! True friendship with yourself allows you to have true and meaningful friendships with others. You are encouraged to get to know your true self as if this is your first day in existence. Let go of false friends and make sure that you are your own highest priority. Respect and love yourself first. Friendship with the Self and Self-Love is required to develop divine friendships.

Who are you as your true self? Where do you come from? Who created you?

Why are you here?

What would you like to do and to experience?

You have infinite potential. The world is your playground. 🙂

By the way: The loving relationship with yourself and the Divine leads to the harmonious relationship with your Twin Flame. When you know who you are it is very and natural for you to attract real divine friends and your divine complement also known as your Twin Flame. Have a nice day!

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