The structure of our reality can be explained with a video game analogy and even if it might not be
TRANSCRIPT One of the biggest challenges that you want to overcome in your twin flame journey is probably the feeling
TRANSCRIPT The intention of this video is to bring you into the feeling space of harmonious union. I think there
TRANSCRIPT: Let's talk a little bit about how to actually get into harmonious union with your twin flame. Getting into
Hi, today I want to remind you of something you know but tend to forget in your daily routine. There
TRANSCRIPT: We all know this feeling where we have that intense longing for our twin flame. I'm sure you know
TRANSCRIPT: There are already many great videos and articles out there about twin flame signs. However there are also many
TRANSCRIPT: The Ascension Series  my new ascension series is aimed to assist you and me directly with transcending the illusion
There can be a time in your journey where it is helpful for you to forget about the Twin Flame