We have completed the work peacefully the other day. And we fall into a restful night of sleep, early in
As we learn in A Course In Miracles, sickness is a defense against Truth, whereas Health comes from Truth. You
Hey folk. From time to time it is appropriate and golden to take a step back and reflect on where
Don't reach for your Twin Flame outside of you. Live life and enjoy life being grounded in yourself. Let life
"TFs are sooo much work, screw it, I should just go for a Soul Mate. I have thousands of soul
If we are honest, we are all going through some dark moments from time to time. Even on our spiritual
“In your Twin Flame Union, many misaligned thoughts and beliefs are going to come to the surface for healing. You're
The universe asks you every day: Who do you want to be? Who do you choose to be? And you
Video Version Text Version We are all pregnant. With an idea. We are giving birth to a new era. And
I discussed a chapter of the wonderful book 'A Course In Miracles' with my friends Aldyn and Anastasia. We are