You and Your Twin Flame are a Team


We all know this feeling where we have that intense longing for our twin flame. I’m sure you know it, too.
Where it feels like something huge is missing inside of you.
Something that needs to be there to make you feel whole.
You might be sitting at home and wonder what your twin is doing AND why your twin is not next to you right now.
but maybe you are OK with your twin not being with you right now and maybe your twin IS even next to you.
whatever it is…
I’ve just had an amazing epiphany…(that I’d like to share.)
You and your twin flame are a team!
I knew this before. Actually, I’ve read it a long time. But this then was just another concept in my mind without really understanding it.
There is a big difference between “knowing” things intellectually and then really experiencing and understanding them.
(BTW: It’s the same with spiritual concepts like “We are all one” and “Only love is real”…)
So what does it mean? “You and your twin flame are a team”
It means that…
if your twin is not available to you
If your twin is far away from you (physically) 
If you twin is blocking communication
he or she is doing that out of unconditional love and because there is a bigger truth to that
Your twin flame loves you so much regardless of what it might look like from the outside, regardless of your outer circumstances.
So what Your twin flame is actualliy doing is everything to help you into your greatest self (even when it does not look like that from your perspective)
Your twin flame is helping you.
Your twin flame is not going to fix your problems for you.
And by not fixing the problems for you directly, your twin IS helping you (maximally)
If your twin would fix something for you he or she would say energetically that you are not self empowered and not strong enough to solve your own problems, improve yourself and work on the manifestation of your personal heaven on earth on your own.
But you are absolutely capable of doing so.!!
Truth is that you ARE responsible for your happiness and well-being here. You are the only person that is responsible for your happiness and joy… and for your self-development… and purpose. The truth is that you are the ONLY one that can help you with these endeavors anyway.
No, they are helping you indirectly by knowing that you are self empowered and are capable of solving any challenges and difficult circumstances by yourself.
Your twin flame is not fixing ANYTHING for you, because they ARE helping you with that
you are a team
and who knows…if you weren’t too needy/chasing too much/too distracted from yourself/too obsessed about your twin it would not have been necessary for your twin to block or restrict communication to you.
So what does this understanding bring that YOU and Your Twin are , in fact, a team?
It brings you the understanding that all is well.
All is well with yourself and with your twin.
You are exactly where you need to be on your twin flame journey into harmonious union.
 and again, Your twin flame loves and supports you regardless of what it might look like.


Now please continue to pursue your passion, purpose and well-being.. 😉
Much love to you,

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